HRT Subteam

reconaissance and supervillain termination




Infurnia (on a mission)

Forest Q15 is the codename of a sub-team in the HRT, brought into existence during the rise of the Villain Factory.


During an attack on the Hero Factory by the supercriminal Infurno, mission manager Derek-Jakob Mazeka sent out a Recruiter Pod to Earth to locate and repurpose four humans into Heroes. The latter humans (and their to-be Hero identities in parentheses) were Jason Christman (Jason Magmaluk), Sean Constable (Seamus Copp), Ian Plaz (Eon Plazzmu), and Samantha Crypt (Sam Kohde). After Locking onto their Energy signatures, the Re-Pod teleported them across the galaxy to Makuria, the H-Fac homeworld.

Meeting With Thresher and Fortis

At the Hero Factory, the newly equipped Hero Team met with the leader of the HRT (Jebidiah Thresher and Merrick Fortis) and MM D-J Mazeka, and were informed of their purpose, as well as the dangers they would face in the HRT, as well as the dangers posed by the Villain Factory and it's founder, Infurno, and were then sent off to the VR Pods to train for combat.


Their first test in the VR pods was to defeat a simulation of Infurno, but they all failed quite miserably. After several more hours of simulations, including fighting simulated Infurno's Energy Acolytes and a large battalion of his Data Drones,  they finally defeated his simulation, but it would still take more to defeat the villain himself.


The HRT subteam consist of four humans converted to rookie Heroes-

  • Jason Magmaluk
  • Seamus Copp
  • Eon Plazzmu (pronounced like plasma)
  • and Heroine Sam Kohde

as well as two veteran heroes-

  • Jebidiah Thresher
  • and Merrick Fortis

with their mission manager Derek-Jakob Mazeka


  • Magamaluk is Prince Of Magma's self-MOC (images and article coming soon)
  • all four humans are named for friends of POM and himself, with slight nominal modifications
  • Thresher was named Jebidiah as the article's author didn't know he was canonically named Kirk (plus it sounds cooler)
  • the name of Infurno is a parody of Hero Furno and the prefix in-, meaning anti-Furno, as well as the term inferno, meaning a strong fire, which, coincidentally is the same word Will Furno's name is derived from.
  • Mazeka is named after the Bionicle Matoran, (who is used as his figure) and the man who played Brother Cadfael in the Cadfael TV series