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1. We are not authors. We may be good writers, but not authors. So, no flaming (rude comments), or vulgar language.

2. Reviews! The most important part of any fic are the reviews. However, do try and keep in mind that "OMG!!11! SOoO GUD!" is not a real review. Do include contructive criticism in you reviews!

3. Remember to leave a signature along with your review! To do that, type four tildes. (This is a tilde:~)

4. However, you can also leave a rating instead of, or with, a review. To give a rating, simply type: {{rating}} in the Visual Editor. Then, simply type in your desired values, with the maximum being 5. You must use whole numbers.

For example: {{rating |plot = 4 |characters = 2 |syntax = 5 |execution = 3}}


Story Rating:
Maximum Value of 5.
Plot: 4
Characters: 2
Syntax: 5
Overall Execution: 3

5. Where to leave a review? Preferably on the actual story itself, if there is a reviews section. If not, you may make one yourself. If you don't feel like doing that, or the author does not allow you to, write your review on the talk page. No matter what way you choose, please leave some sort of signature by typing four tildes. (This is a tilde: ~)

6. For writers: use proper grammar, use punctuation. Use American English, too.

7. NO vulgar/inappropriate themes. Stories with those have a high risk of being deleted.

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