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FoxTron 7
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The current team of FoxTron 7 (clockwise) "Specs", Rydar , Bear, Payne, Scrambler, Happy

Headquarters Makuhero City, Assembly Tower
Leader Jason Happy
Status Inactive
Allies Hero Factory
Enemies Quatros Gang



Like all other Hero Factory teams, FoxTron was formed in Makuhero City at the Hero Factory. They specialize in rescue missions and reconnaissance. Members of Foxtron 7 where both Hero Recon and Rookies.


  • Jason Happy - Current Leader, Hero Recon: A courageous young hero willing to do anything for his friends
  • Bear- Former Leader (retired): The wise and strong leader of FoxTron 7
  • Harley "Specs" Specler- Hero(Deceased): The strict and loyal second-in-command hero of FoxTron 7
  • Zack Rydar - Rookie: The cocky and sarcastic rookie
  • Dax Payne - Rookie: The youngest member of FoxTron 7 with powerful fighting skills
  • Ann Scrambler- Rookie (Deceased): The soft spoken Tech-Head of FoxTron 7
  • Wes Patriot- Rookie: The kind and thoughful sniper of FoxTron 7
  • Mason Trouble- Hero: The rude new member of FoxTron 7 and Jason's rival
  • Cass Hunter - Hero (Former Member): The cool, calm and smart weapons specialist of FoxTron 7
  • Rex Green - Hero (Former Member): The dangerous and head strong hero who specialized in stealth
  • Alba Shadow - Hero (Former Member): The founding hero of FoxTron 7

Savage Planet

Unfortunately, Scrambler and Specs were eventually killed in battle. Other Heroes, such as Bear, retired, and left Jason in charge. See the story Savage Planet Remains for more details.

  • Bear
  • Happy
  • Specs
  • Payne
  • Rydar
  • Scrambler
  • Patriot
  • Green
  • Hunter
  • Shadow