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Frank Boomer
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Hero Factory


Sonic Meteor Blaster, Sonic Blade



Frank Boomer (Aka. Boombox) is a hero who wields various sonic equipment.


Boomer was created out of Biosteel soon after the system was perfected. He was then immediately assigned to Bio 1, in order to aid Samuel Swamper and Zakk Bolt. His sonic abilities were essential in the defeat of DARK BIO. After the Biosteel was destroyed, he was redeployed with the rest of his team to The H Team, and upgraded to 2.0. Information after that is currently classified.

Abilities and Traits

Frank Boomer has the ability to immediately define the frequency of any sound he comes across. His hearing is also enhanced, but it can be turned down to normal levels in high stress situations.


Boomer wields a Sonic Cannon and Sonic Blade. These tools were modified to fit with the 2.0 system.


  • The H Team

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