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Frank Wolker
Frank Wolker Weapon

Hero Factory, Wikishmid


Blaster w. Claw, Shield



Wikishmid after finishing Frank Wolker.

Frank Wolker is an elite Hero created by a human to protect him.


Frank Woller was created by an unknown human to protect him from the threats of the galaxy. He was officially made a Hero recently after Hero Factory discovered him smashing a monster they had sent a team to capture.  Frank was given a quaza core and teamed up with Daniel Taa.  The two have worked together since.

Abilities and Personality

Frank is a kind Hero who will always follow orders. He is not very agile, but he is quite fast, making it hard form him to navigate in enclosed spaces like forests or cities.


Frank carries a large blaster with a small claw attached to it for close-range combat. He also carries a shield that can can be used as a blade.


  • Frank Wolker with equipment.Go to Frank_Wolker_Weapon.jpg
  • Frank Wolker in a welcoming position.Go to Frank_Wolker.jpg


Frank Wolker is Wikishmid's Mascot Contest entry.

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