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Fred Swift
103 6845

Hero Factory


Shield, Typhoon Sword, Special Jetpacks



"Swift is impulsive, he probably ran in the other direction"
―Thresher in From the Shadows [src]


Fred Swift was a 1.0 Hero who was updated to 4.0 for the Breakout.


Swift was assigned to recapture the villian Meltdown, and he suceeded. He returned to Hero Factory with the villian and was imediatly called to Mission Control for an important mission.

From the Shadows

That mission was to track down Core Hunter, who had remained in Makuhero City. He arrived with his Team, consisting of Kirk Thresher and Sandra Flash. They began to search the premises, but Swift went out alone.

He tracked down Core Hunter by asking around his contacts in the Black Market. His information led him to an old factory on the edge of town. There he was brutally murdered by Core Hunter.


1.0 Form

103 6844

Swift's Shield

Swift carried a Typhoon Sword and a Shield. He wore special Jetpacks on his back.


Swift is impulsive. He will do whatever he feels is right, a trait that brought about his death.



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