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Furno X-Infinity

Hero Factory


two arm-integrated paws




Makuhero city

Furno X-Infinity is a form of Furno after he was experimented on by The Dark Lord. He is bent on destroying Hero Factory and taking over the entire universe.


While on patrol one day with the rest of Alpha Team, Furno heard what sounded to be an explosion and went to check it out. He discovered it was the Dark Lord, training his soldiers, so Furno tried to stop them. Upon seeing the Hero, the Dark Lord launched a bolt from his scepter at Furno, knocking him unconscious.

Furno awoke several hours later in a test lab, strapped to an operating table. Just as he awoke, a machine above him zapped him, and he felt his muscles, size, and temper increasing. When it was over, he looked at himself and realized he looked extremely different. After breaking free of the table, he ran and hid in solitude for several months, contemplating his next move. He then realized the injustices Hero Factory was doing, and decided to put a stop to it. After gathering various monsters for troops, he marched onward toward Makuhero City. He led his army through the streets, and finally to the factory. After confronting Stormer, his army started the attack. After taking considerable losses, wounding Stormer, Evo, and Rocka, and killing Surge , he knocked Stringer unconscious, grabbed him, and he and his troops fled. He then located the test lab, and he mutated Stringer, turning him into Stringer X-Infinity. He has not returned since. 

Personality and Equipment

Furno X-Finity is vicious, and will kill without remorse. He also wields two paws and is extremely strong.