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Home Planet Auros
Species Aurosian
Affiliation Intergalactic Environmental Agency (NEA)
Colors Tan, Black, Gold
Location Orcus
Status Unknown

Gamel was an Aurosian who served as the captain of the Guinevere One space craft.


Early Life

Like all other sentient organic individuals, Gamel was born on the planet Auros to a pair of native Aurosians.
Gamel grew up on the planet's largest continent and grew up to become an astronaut, serving under the Intergalactic Environmental Agency (NEA).

Guinevere One

Due to his extensive training and based on his performance on a manned voyage to the outer reaches of Auros' solar system, Gamel was selected as the captain of the Guinevere One space shuttle twenty-seven years ago, which intended to explore the Corellia System in hopes of surveying the hostility of the various different atmospheres on alien planets.

A crew of eleven Aurosians manned the space craft on its voyage through the Corellia System. However, after the space craft malfunctioned, it was forced to land on the planet Orcus, the fifth planet in the system. Although the eleven crew members survived the crash all were assumed dead.

Abilities and Traits

Being a male Aurosian, Gamel had a thick, crab-like carapace that provided him with both a well-protected layer of natural armor and insulation against extremely cold temperatures. Additionally, he had a pair of horns and sharp layers of needle-like teeth - both of which were common to his species.
However, Gamel's thick, well insulated armor gave him a great deal of vulnerability to heat.

Powers and Weapons

Gamel was equipped with an Energy Blaster that fired bursts of electricity.
Gamel was also equipped with a pincer-claw in place of his right hand and a scorpion-like stinger tail.


Strength: 5
Agility: 8
Toughness: 7
Mind: 7


  • Gamel was named after one of BobTheDoctor27's BIONICLE characters with the same name.
  • Gamel's logical, intellectual quirks were inspired by the general characterisiticsof the Intellian species.
  • As Gamel was in his mid-thirties when the Guinevere One space craft crashed, he would be in his mid-fifties by the events of Dance in the Flames. However, as the average lifespan of an Aurosian is approximately 107 years of age, he would be in his prime for the events of this story.