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"Everything what I did for Hero Factory, was useless. They didn't give me anything. ANYTHING! So now, my plan has succeeded. Hero Factory will fall, and there's nothing, you can do, you stupid Heroes."
―Gargor, Battle of the Savage Planet
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Gargor is former Hero Factory Staff member and is now villain.


Gargor was first assistant of Big Joe, and he later became the instructor of Hero Factory when Aldous Witch was exiled. Gargor himself would later be exiled, which caused him to turn against Hero Factory. After Gargor was exiled, he tried to use Hero Core technology to make an army. He wondered if such power could kill every villain in the galaxy. Gargor started plotting to destroy Hero Factory, and conquered Tanker Station 156 in the process.

When Dan Blosthon was sent to rescue Tanker Station's people, Gargor faced him but was defeated. He was then sent to Quatros, where he started to help Aldous Fusarg in his scheme to destroy Hero Factory.

Later, the members of hero team Beeta 4: Anthony Freeze, Jerry Storm and Josh Flantor came to Quatros to stop Gargor and Fusarg. Jerry Storm faced off against Gargor. Gargor defeated the rookie easily, and then started to send out a rocket that could potentially destroy Makuhero City. Dan Blosthon XL was sent in to help Beeta 4, which sparked the second battle of Quatros.

Abilities and Traits

Gargor is very athletic, even though he is very small. He is fast and powerful, but not very good in hand-to-hand combat. Gargor is considered an evil, genius and plans to conquer the galaxy and destroy Hero Factory. He usually helps other villains in their missions, and in return they help him.


Gargor's weapon is a Laser Gun that shoots a plasma beams.


  • The Blosthon Chronicles (In flashback)
  • Battle of the Savage Planet
  • Ultimate Takedown of Hero Factory