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Geilu Elites
Geilu Elites
Headquarters Planet Geliu
Leader Mark Zylaz
Goal Keep Planet Geilu safe
Status Active
Allies The Verrax team
Enemies The Dark ones

The Geilu Elites are the main team of heroes stationed on the planet Geilu. It has, and only ever will consist of four heroes. If any of those four heroes ever die, they will be replaced with a new member.

The current heroes on the Geilu Elites are Mark Zylaz (the leader), Allison Nila (second in command), Jake Cooper (weapon specialist) and Evan Rouge (the rookie).


The first ever team of Geilu Elites was made up of Matt Trechnox, Maxus Neox and Ignatious Boraz (Bonezes dead brother)

Ignatious Boraz was the weapon specialist at the time and was a very intelligent hero, until one day he created a brain controlling Arachnid drone which turned against him and killed him. The drone was then locked up in the Geilu planet jail to prevent it from causing further problems. After Ignatious' death Neox left the Geilu Elites and joined the Verrax team.

Three new unknown members joined the Geilu Elites, although they were all killed on a mission when they were attacked by quaza-infected beasts. Trechnox was once again the only member still alive, and was traumatized by the loss of so many good friends. This was when Zylaz, Nila and Cooper joined the team.

They were upgraded to their 2.0 forms and went out on their first mission, although Trechnox went off on a private mission that the others didn't know about. It was around this time that Cooper Zylaz and Nila started to fall out with Trechnox, and when a 3.0 upgrade came out Nila Cooper and Zylaz didn't want it. Instead, they sent Trechnox off on a 3.0 mission with a rookie training to be on the team known as Evan Rouge.

Trechnox disappeared during the mission and was never seen again, which actually made Nila, Zylaz and Cooper quite happy. They still had to upgrade to the new 4.0 form to rescue Rouge, the only survivor of the mission, however. Trechnox was assumed either dead or missing, this made Rouge the new member of the Geilu Elites.

Current Members

Mark Zylaz, Allison Nila, Jake Cooper and Evan Rouge are the current members of the Geilu Elites. It will stay with these four members until one dies or resigns. There is always a group of training rookies ready to join the Geilu Elites in case a member dies or resigns.
Geilu Elites Breakout

Geilu Elites in their Breakout forms

Zylaz profile
Mark Zylaz
Cooper profile
Jake Cooper
Nila Profile
Allison Nila
Rouge profile
Evan Rouge

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