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"A regular hero knows when to quit, a Hero Factory hero never quits."
―Gabriel Nitro to Zib
General Gabriel Nitro

Hero Factory





General Gabriel Nitro is a veteran hero and a respected member of Hero Factory.


Life as a rookie

General Gabe Nitro was created like any other hero of Hero Factory in the Assembly Tower. An exceptional trait about him was he was built with enhanced accuracy. This enabled him to make a direct hit most of the time when in combat against villains.

As a rookie he worked in a team of four, led by a veteran hero named Talla. Nitro was friends with the two other rookies in the group: Spitfire Longshot and Serena Feedback. Years had passed since he joined the team. On his 12th year on the team, his team leader Talla was lost on a mission in the outskirts of the galaxy. They needed to help citizens evacuate a planet which was near a dying star. Talla was lost because a small burst from the sun hit and decimated the part of the planet where Talla was at the time. He was labeled as MIA, but it was more likely he was incinerated. After the incident, Nitro was chosen to become the new team leader. He also was labeled as a veteran hero.

Working alone

Many years passed, and he had been taking down many villains. He soon developed the desire to work alone, because he said his teammates were only "Slowing him down." Thus, he was allowed to work alone.

He gained elite status fairly quickly for being a solo hero. He had completed countless missions, with only a minimal amount failures.To help him on his solo missions, he was given a special blaster that could be recharged by the solar panels on it. After he proved to be of great use to the factory he was given the opportunity to choose a custom upgrade. He chose armor on his arms that came with retractable swords as his upgrade, and chose a ps-25 sniper rifle as his new weapon.


He soon reunited with the members of his old team, Spitfire Longshot and Serena Feedback. They were reunited for the purpose of effectively helping during the Breakout. They were sent off to recapture the more dangerous villains that would take more than one hero to capture. They brought back most of the villains they were assigned to. Spitfire and Serena were given elite status, while Nitro was given the status of general. Currently they are on the front lines in combat with the brains in Makuhero City.


  • Blaster that is mounted on his shoulder- rechargeable by sunlight
  • P-29 Sniper rifle
  • Armor with retractable swords