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General Gilben

Hero Factory





General Gilben is a high-ranking genaral working for Hero Factory.


Not a great deal of information has been recorded about Gilben's early career at Hero Factory. At the very least, it is clear that he did his job well, as he was made a general during the Natov/Cherak war. Recently, he was assigned by Akiyama Makuro to instruct a new team, later to be called Cobalt 1. He was annoyed by Mike Holland, a novice hero put on the new team, but managed to get through the meeting without getting too frustrated. He is currently in Hero Factory central, continuing on with his usual duties.

Abilities and Traits

Gilben is known to many as a military hero. He is all about strict regulation and organization, and does not accept jokers and slackers. As such, he is not the most pleasant person to have a conversation with, since he has a reputation of being annoyed particularly among rookies. He doesn't converse with veterans and elites, as if they were actually veterans (which the real veterans find annoying).