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"As you wish..."
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"They better watch they're backs".


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Goldslicer is a bounty hunter and enemy of Hero Factory. He is well known for working with Doctor Rustic. He later escaped during the mass breakout. He is currently in hiding.


Goldslicer's history is largely unknown. The first known sighting of him was 4 years before the "Von Ness Incident". He committed several crimes in the years since then, which have ranged from kidnapping to murder. At one point following the capture of Von Nebula, he fought the Alpha Team at a train station. He was later seen attacking a mining facility on Muca 5 shortly before the unveiling of the new 2.0 design in Makuhero City. After the Ordeal of Fire, Surge, Bulk, and Stringer fought and captured him at an abandoned prison facility. He briefly escaped during the Quatros Ordeal and brought 3 heroes to Doctor Rustic on Scrazik. He was ultimately captured by Evo, Surge, and Breez.


He escaped during the mass breakout and during his escape, he attacked Julian Nex alongside Flamix, Corroder, Drilldozer, and XT4. He was hired by Doctor Rustic to kill the hero Brian Shred. Shred fought long and hard, but was ultimately killed when Goldslicer stabbed his hero core. However, Rustic betrayed him and sent one of his "experiments" to kill him. The "experiment" was destroyed and after that, Goldslicer headed to Scrazik to kill Rustic. He destroyed three more of the "experiments" and headed up to the top floor of the building. He confronted Rustic and shot the scientist. He then proceeded to turn off the buildings generator.

Into Hiding

After hearing that Hero Factory operatives were on a catch'em and cuff'em mission, Goldslicer headed into hiding at an unknown location.

Weaponry Detail

Goldslicer wields a sword in his right hand and a meteor blaster in his left. He has also been known to have other weapon attachments on occasion.


Goldslicer has a very cold personality. While not insane, he is quite sadistic and unfeeling towards his victims. He has a hunter code that he follows, which only allows him to attack civilians if he is hired to. Many villains have called him very quite and the most sane and ethical of the villains.


Maximum Value of 20

Strength: 13

Agility: 15

Toughness: 18

Mind: 19


  • "I won't harm civilians"!
  • "I'm just doing my job".
  • "You will fall"!
  • "I have been you"!
  • "One will stand and one will fall"!
  • "What's the job this time Rustic"?
  • "Why hello hero"!
  • "What?!"


  • Goldslicer total kills are estimated at over 600.
  • His whereabouts are currently unknown.
  • He is friends with Core Hunter and Vapor.
  • He was at one point considered to be recruited by Von Nebula.
  • He has only been captured twice.
  • He has a personnel rivalry with Surge.
  • He had been Rustic's most frequent collaborator.


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