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Dark Hero

Dark Hero factory, Puzzle-Brandex


Gun and Katana



"Haha, You heroes don't stand a chance against Brandex"
―Grandex to a hero team
Grandex is a general of the Dark Hero Factory, and is second in command to Puzzle-Brandex.


Grandex was originally a prototype Dark Hero, made to see if Puzzle-Brandex's experiment was a success. Grandex's experimental codes were too high, and Puzzle-Brandex decided that further testing was needed. Since Grandex was similar to Brandex, he thought that he might be able to run an army of his own. Grandex became a great leader, becoming a general. Brandex told him to work with the Hero Factory when he decided to join the good guys.

Abilities and Traits

Grandex has a gun for a hand. He is also very strong and can fly using powerful jets. His main color scheme consists of purple, orange, and black.



Strength: 10
Agility: 9
Toughness: 9
Mind: 11


  • He looks like a breakout hero
  • He is the only dark hero to have the color orange

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