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Gravity Queen
Gravity Queen

Amazon Tribe


Gravity Staff jettison Wings Blades Jet-Boots


Alive (age: 1,549 years old)


Levi 17

Gravity Queen is a villainess from the planet Levi 17 and is queen of the Amazon tribe.


She and her tribe have defeated many enemies. Their goal is to conquest the universe and destroy their sworn enemy, the Feral Tribe. Her true nemesis is Komodo King, the leader of the rivaling tribe. She vows that she will stop at nothing to succeed in defeating him.

Abilities and Traits

Cunning, intelligent and dangerous, she is quite a villain to battle. She is a well known villainess throughout the galaxy. She is great strategist and can be very resourceful. With the powers of gravity, she can make anything as light as a leaf or as heavy as a whale.
Gravity Queen


Gravity Queen uses a gravity staff to control gravitational forces. She has jet-boots and Jettison wing-blades.


  • The Amazon tribe is an all female tribe, each member utilizing powers bestowed upon them
  • She resembles Starscream from the Transformers film series
  • She is infamous for her crimes against the Feral Tribe