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Gregory Hizur

Hero Factory




Makuhero City

Gregory Hizur is a member of Hero Factory staff, and is mission manager of the Beeta 4 team.


Roughly 47 years ago, Gregory Hizur was employed at the Hero Factory and he started in the armor division. He usually built hero feet and foot armor.

Gregory later was asked to become Beeta 4's mission manager, and he accepted. He often prepared weapons and other tools for Beeta 4's mysterious unknown leader, and rookies Anthony Freeze and Dan Blosthon. After Beeta 4's first leader was killed in a battle in the Death Mountains, Gregory Hizur decided that Anthony Freeze was to become the new leader.

When Aldous Witch was exiled from Hero Factory, Gregory Hizur started to study Hero Cores and hero weapons. He later built Freeze and Blosthon projectile weapons and helped in Alexander Gunner's construction.

When Julius Nex and Nathan Evo(the first 2.0 heroes) were built, Gregory Hizur started to analyze the 2.0 hero aspects, so he could possibly build a new armor of his own. He planned first to make armor for other robots, then heroes. He was helped by many Hero Factory staff members and weapons division members, and after 3 months of working, the Omega Robot Armor was built. In testings,the new armor was very successful.

Gregory Hizur later upgraded the heroes of Beeta 4, giving them the 3.0 upgrade. He analyzed them, so he could revamp the Omega Robot Armor as well.



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