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Hallow Een







Hallow Een was the youngest hero that took part in the stand against the Witch Doctor, as he was assembled on that day, 31st October, Halloween. He was upgraded to 3.0 in Birthday Heroes and then to his final form in The Battle for Minas Trith.

Weaponry Detail

He originally had a standard rookie sword, which was upgraded to a Black Labrador Claw when he received his 3.0 upgrade. He now wields a Dark Matter sword and also has a bow which fires weaponised bones.


He is very jovial at times, but can be deadly serious. He is the oldest member of The Hub Team bar Bulk and Vapour. This new leadership came with the great responsibility of managing a team, and believes that he is turning into a new Preston Stormer


Thank you for creating me - Hallow Een to Zib - Halloween Heroes

It's Hallow Een! Not Hallow Eve! - Hallow Een to Sosag - Various


His name is a pun on the world 'Halloween'