Rookie hero
Affiliation Team Rook
Weapons Wrench, gun (when he is in his XL form)
Status Alive
Location Hero Factory

Handle is a rookie at the Hero Factory and a very good mechanic.


Handle was a hero built primarily for helping out. When Braig attacked the factory, Handle gained the help of friends, (and future teammates) Sheila, Wolf and Rook, in order to stop Braig. Crailer asked him once if he wanted an XL form and Handle accepted it. When Zug was released, Handle and his fiends try to stop him from destroying the world or enslaving it.

Abilities and Traits

He is a master mechanic and he can turn anything into a weapon of his advantage.


Normal form:

Strength: 14
Agility: 14
Toughness: 14
Mind: 19

XL form:

Strength: 28
Agility: 28
Toughness: 28
Mind: 38


Strength: 17
Agility: 17
Toughness: 17
Mind: 23




  • His wrench is custom made.
  • Jack Crailer was once his teacher.

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