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Hannah Hurricane
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Hannah Hurricane

Hero Factory


Multi-Tool Ice Shield





Hannah Hurricane is a Hero who works for the Hero Factory. She worked closely with Jason Diver, and both were shot down on the planet Oricea and remain there to this day.



Hurricane, like all other Heroes, was created in the assembly tower. Mere hours after his creation, she and Jason Diver were sent on a mission that was successful. She decided from that day forth that she would only go on missions with him.

She was upgraded to a 2.0 Hero around the same time as most other Heroes.


Hurricane and Driver were on a mission to apprehend a mission in the far reaches of space when they were shot down. Their ship crash landed on Oricea, an oceanic planet. Their craft was destroyed and they were forced to live among the locals beneath the waves. The local species were quite primitive, but they had machines designed to create airtight bubbles to be used as homes.


In her original form, Hurricane held a scythe that could fire green blasts of energy in the direction she aimed it.

As a 2.0 Hero, Hurricane was equipped with a Multi-Tool Ice Shield that could freeze anything its projectiles touched. The weapon is known to have become quite useful beneath the waves. She also wore a helmet that allowed her to see underwater with great ease.


Hurricane attempts to be happy no matter what the circumstances. She knew that Jason was quite depressed about being trapped on Oricea.