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Tyrants group of Smugglers, KY1


Mamat Magma Blaster




Rescaf IX

"You heroes don't know what your getting yourselves into. Tyrant will rise, the Hero Factory shall plummet, and when they do, I will be free!"
"You'll also be free if we capture you, if you get where i'm coming from."
"You don't understand, hero.
Kyle Topkick and HardHead, Beautiful Destruction

Hardhead is a resident of the planet Rescaf IX, but when the Group arrived he was possessed by Tyrant and became evil.


In his early life he was a miner but when 'The Group' came all of his fellow workers perished, but Tyrant saw oppertunity in him and started controlling him. Tyrant makes him suffer, because he is incapable of stopping himself from doing things that Tyrant wants him to do. This is most notable when he unwillingly killed his parents.

The Enforcer

HardHead owned a ship named Bounty I, which he used to transport the miners work to and from the mine. After discovering this, Tyrant made him use the ship to transport illegal goods to his home planet, Swith XVII. After the Deltrax 7 team's mission was over, they took the ship back to the factory and renamed it the Enforcer, as well as arming it with new weapons and giving it the Hero Factory emblem.

Capture...and release

Hardhead was cuffed by Katie Blade, but was later declared innocent by the Hero high council. He now lives a happy life on Rescaf IX with his uncle.

Personality and Traits


Abilities and Equipment

Hardhead is armed with a Mamat Magma blaster and quaza boomerangs on his back. He is also armed with a spear.