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Hareda the Fleet
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"Today, we go and face those who would put us down. We go in Freelancers, we go in police, we go in commonfolk, we leave legends! We may not all live, I can guarantee that, but we will all fight. Can you all guarantee that? For your people?"
―Hareda talks tough to his troops.

A notable figure in the Southeastern corner of the Universe, Hareda is the current leader of the Old School Boys Gang. Young for his position, at 27, he is an experienced enforcer, though perhaps not an experienced leader.



Equipment and Personality

Most notably known for his rifle, affectionately titled "Without a Doubt". Very rarely hiding from battle, he fights with cold intelligence and speed. He carries a sword for melee combat. While usually seen with his silver armor, in combat, he wears blue armor made from the same material that Terrence Ballista's armor is made from. Owing to his father's death and his mother's detachment, he has grown introverted and slightly paranoid. He harbors a lifelong grudge against Hero Factory for his father's death as well as his Grandfather's death in the last justice riot, and notably never looks Heroes in the eye. He is not a terribly good politician, and usually has interpreters or debaters speak for him. He is very much loved by OSB aligned planets for his capture of notable criminals Fire Lord and Black Phantom, as well fearless leading in battles against the Hero Factory.

Armor Suits

IMG 0870

Combat suit

- In combat, he uses this armor, made of nigh indestructible materials. Notably, it cost him about the same amount to purchase a planet as it did to make this armor.


Maximum is 15

Strength: 12
Agility: 11
Toughness: 15
Mind: 10