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Harper Titan
Harper Titan

Hero Factory (Formerly), Hero S.W.A.T. Team (Formerly), Overlord


Webster IV Gun




Planet 107

"Harper? You were the Traitor?"
"Really, Ethan? I thought you were smarter then that.
―Ethan Goldshard and Harper [src]


Harper Titan was one of the first Heroes ever made. However, after a failed mission due to programing errors, he was put in storage.

Rise Of Overlord

Harper was reactivated to join Hero S.W.A.T. Team. On the trip to Planet 107, Harper and Ethan Goldshard, the Team's leader, became friends.

When they arrived on Planet 107, they set up a Command Base. Soon after, the base was attacked by Strikes Drones, led by Blitzer. During the skirmish that followed, the Team's dropship was destroyed. The skirmish ended with Blitzer and the Drones flying away, leaving the base wrecked.

The Team began to suspect a traitor, and relations within the team fractured. Eventually, they met up with Delta Team, who had bee waiting for them so they could storm Overlord's Fortress.

The battle was tipped in Overlord's favor, but the Heroes pressed on. Eventually, Harper, Ethan, and Winston Breez, found Overlord in his throne room. The battle was fierce, but the Heroes managed to overtake Overlord.

Then, just when it seemed the Heroes had one, Harper turned on his comrades, hurling Winston out the window. A brief fight between Ethan and Harper ended with Ethan being shoved against the wall. Ethan expressed his surprise at Harper's betrayal, and Harper simply ignored it.

Ethan took advantage of Harper's distraction, and kicked him back. Harper fell into a vat of Spidrox Venom. Ethan then charged after Overlord.

Vortax Rising

Harper survived the vat, but was mutated from his original form. Harper was now a cross between a Spider and a Hero. He continued to serve Overlord, and went into hiding after Vortax was unleashed.


103 6736

Mutated Harper

Villain Form

Harper carries a Webster IV, which allows him to shoot webs wherever he needs. His venom can mutate anything or anyone into a warrior who obeys Harper's every command.


Though he acted friendly and kind when he was a Hero, Harper is actually cold and emotionless. He will do whatever it takes to stay alive.



  • Harper Titan is the only Hero to has left Hero S.W.A.T. Team willingly