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""What, they don't attempt to murder each other at other schools?! Not even in simulations?!"

"This universe really is slipping...""

―-Famous last words during battle royale.
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A notable outlet in the Hero Factory Universe, the Hero Collegium is a place to train up and coming young rookies. It's notable simulations include the 17-day Battle royale, Villain invasion, and mass betrayal. It is notable that this is ostensibly a replacement for the original training in the Hero factory,


During the Core Wars, the original factory was under constant siege. Needing a place to safely and secretly train Heros, the Collegium was established in the far eastern corner of the galaxy. Guided by trusted hero Kirk Thresher, the Collegium lived in peace for three decades. However, it came under siege during the year 759-8 by the Hunter Corp. in a guerrilla style one day massacre, only managing to be stopped at heavy casualties from the rookies. Two notable incidents happened during this raid- the first, was a sucessful guard of the armory, the Corp.'s secondary target. The second was the reconfiguration of the school observatory, which was formatted as a highly intense light cannon, used to break the Corp motherships shield array for heroes to enter, and eventually incapacitate, the space ship. However, the Macguyvered cannon overcharged and detonated, taking all the engineers inside with it. The final casualty count listed 1,986 of the 4,362 students as dead, wounded, or missing, with a mere 567 out of aproximately 5,000 Hunter corpses found at the battle site.


There are three publicly known pathways for heroes to study under in the collegium. Though most students will choose their own classes, those designed under certain test parameters, notably in the N.E.R.D.S. or F.R.E.D.S. divisions, will have predetermined educations.

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- Communications and relations



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