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Welcome to the main page for the mass cleanup project on Custom Hero Factory. I have taken the name from Toa Spyck's old Hero Core project, though this attempt to fix the wiki is much more drastic. As promised, with the wrap-up of the Flash Fiction contest, the massive cleanup project shall be revealed. (If voting for the Flash Fiction is inconclusive, then it will be temporarily halted.)

Hero Core: REBOOT is twofold. The first is a large cleanup, nay, FIX-up of the wiki itself. The second side is a rapid expansion of the CHFW community out of the wiki. The cleanup project will, until notice is given, be of priority. Below will be how Project: Wiki Breakout, as it is called, is organized.

More information on Project: "We're Taking Over!" will be released at a later date.

I wish everybody the perseverance that it takes to pull this project through. - McF4rtson!!! TwinkieCraft is back. IP:

Project:Wiki Breakout

Main article: The idea of this plan is simple, yet it requires the work of ALL users.

Each user will be assigned a single letter. Then, over the course of a couple of days, the user will go through all the pages in that letter, not just MARKING the pages as cleanup, but also doing his best to actually clean up the article.

The assigned letter for each user can be found on this page. (link doesn't exist yet.)

Leader: DeltaStriker

Project:"We're Taking Over!"


Leader: User:ChineseLegolas

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