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Hero Factory:Extinction
Author TitaniumRotorBlade
Illustrator TitaniumRotorBlade
Publication date September 11,2014
Published by TitaniumRotorBlade
Publication Order
Preceded by
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Hero Factory:Downfall

In a remote part of the galaxy,all was well in the year of 2350.Nobody fought,killed,or disputed.It was a time of peace and forgiveness on Makuhero,which had been mechanically augmented to reach the size of Jupiter.But on that fateful day,everything changed.....

-William Furno


It was the year of 2350,when crime was eradicated from the planet of Makuhero. The hero team Alpha 1,led by Preston Stormer,was on patrol on Sector 915. "Hey,Stormer,when are we getting on this hunk o'shit planet,ey?" Julius Nex questioned. "Hold your horses,kid. You go promoted 5 hours ago!" he shouted. Elite Hero William Furno walked towards his quarters in the east side of the HFM Quake(which is about the size of the Enterprise,if your so inclined),greeting other young rookies on his way. "Damn it,Evo,I told you not to touch my sword!"He then grabbed his sword and began to polish it.Recently promoted Nathan Evo approached him and said"Sorry,buddy.I was just taking a look at it!" Furno sat there,polishing the sword,not replying to Evo."Are you even gonna talk to me,Furno? You can't spend the rest of your life in your quarters,you know!" He said,with an angry tone. Furno then stood up and pointed his sword at him"Shut the fuck up,Evo! You don't know what ivee been through! I watched A LOT of heroes die,you wouldn't understand that." Evo then walked out and shut the door behind him. On another portion of the ship,Chief science officer Surge is working on an experimental laser weapon. "Almost there,just a few bolts and this thing is ready for action!"He said with his thick,English accent. He then fired it at a target,incinerating it,along with some beakers. "Woo! This thing is BADASS!"he shouted. After a quick summary of what it does,he hands it to the demolitions specialist Dunkan Bulk. a veteran Hero runs to the bridge and says to Stormer,"Sir,we are ready for launch!" Stormer then orders he deployment of multiple Hero crafts,leaving the veteran Hero to command the Quake. After landing his Hero craft with the Alpha 1 team,he says,"Alright,Heroes,watch your backs and be careful,the things on this planet will make you paler than my armor." Jimmi Stringer then exclaims"Ha! I've seen fuckin' JANITORS scarier than the bugs on this forsaken rock!" Evo then runs ahead of the team and jumps,displaying joy at the low gravity of the planet. Soon after,he notices a green creature with a long tail and multiple legs crawl into a nearby station. "What the fuck?!"he exclaims. Nex then runs into the cave and sees a group of beasts eating a dead crater dweller(Hero Factory's equivalent of a Graboid). Nex then notices the creature grab on to a Beast's face.The Beast then falls asleep,and the rest of the Heroes enter the station. After a few hours,the beast then begins shaking violently and "something" erupts from his chest(yes,I based one of the antagonists off of Xenomorphs,don't worry,there's plenty more film references later on). It then slides deeper into the cave,and Nex looks on in horror.(by the way,in my continuity the beasts are the size of Heroes,for a better experience in my opinion,I don't dig the beast thing) The Heroes then enter the cave to eradicate the creature,which has grown in a matter of seconds. "HOLY SHIT!!!" Nex exclaims before being torn in half and having his spine torn out. The other Heroes look on as his yellow,glowing blood spews everywhere. The cave then becomes unstable due to the Hero craft being parked on top of it,and it caves in,destroying the Hero craft and trapping the Heroes inside. "Well that's just fuckin' great! WERE FUCKIN' TRAPPED IN HERE WITH A KILLER ALIEN THING!!!"Stringer exclaims. "SNAP OUT OF IT,HERO! WE WERE SENT HERE TO INVESTIGATE WHATEVER KILLED THE CREW OF THE STATION,NOT ACT LIKE A MATORAN WHO JUST LOST A GAME OF KHOLI!" Stormer yelled(see? Film reference,although technically it's a franchise reference). The Heroes then seperate into teams of four,Furno with Breez,Surge,and Evo,while Stormer goes with Bulk,Stringer,and Rocka. After exploring the cave,Stormer is ambushed by the Creature(I call it a Xeno-Beast,MOAR FILM REFERENCES!),but fights it off and it runs away. Outside,a ship arrives,and an unknown being hops out of it(Predator reference). It digs out the cave entrance as itss comrades arrive. They enter the cave and add the Alpha 1 team to their list of prey. Meanwhile,as Stringer continues freaking out,he is impaled by the Xeno-Beast,and it quickly slices his upper half in two,killing him. Rocka looks in horror as it eats his corpse,and he does not hesitate to realize that he is next. "OH GOD!!! HELP ME!!!!! OH LORD,PLEASE HELP! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" A loud scream is heard,and is quickly silenced. Stormer and Bulk venture deeper into the cave system,and Stormer meet the unidentified creature,as it stabs him in the abdomen,and he is decapitated,with his head as a trophy. Bulk blasts him,with the creature dodging his every shot. He then flees and the creature's brothers uncloak in front of him,with the silver one blasting Bulk in the chest,destroying his core and killing him. The rest of the team checks on the rest of the team's helmet cams,with Stormer's in a large pouch,Rocka's laying on the ground,Stringer's with static,as it was destroyed,and Bulk's face down on the ground. "Oh god...."Furno says. Evo then says"FUCK THIS,I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE." Furno then grabs him by the arm. "We're a team Evo,you have to stay here,no matter what." Evo nods reluctantly,and runs with the team deeper,eventually reaching a large temple like structure."!!!! Furno groans and carried on,seeing that the Xeno-Beast has evolved into a Queen Beast. "Alright,Heroes...FIRE!!!" Furno yells. The Heroes then begin to fire at the beast,and Surge's experimental weapon severs it's arm. The beast yells and grabs Surge,biting him in half. Furno then jumps up with his rocket boosters and shoots a grapple at the Queen(at the moment,the queen is about the size of a canon beast.). He then slices it in half and kills it. He picks up Surge's upper half,and takes him outside. The Quake then lands and picks up the remaining crew of Alpha 1. Surge is then hooked up to a wheelchair like machine with life support hooked up to him. Unbeknonstt to Furno,a Crawler(thats what Imm calling the facehugger looking things) sneaks aboard and takes an egg with it. It then grabs on to a crew member 's face and after a while a Xeno-Beast erupts from his chest. After the Beast grows,it carries some eggs aboard and begins an outbreak. Breez notices one recently born Xeno-Beast down a hallway and blasts it with a Plasma Cannon,and kills it. She then warns the crew of the ship,and the guards(of which there are 295) arm up and prepare for battle. One Xeno-Beast grows into a Queen and begins producing eggs. The teams begin getting killed one by one,and the remaining troops arm up in better gear. Even worse,half the crew was killed by getting impregnated and chestbursted,meaning there are even more Xeno-Beasts. Outside,the Hunters from earlier enter the ship and begin hunting down the crew and the Beasts alike. After too many casualties,the Veteran Hero(now identified as Drake Strafe)sets the ship on a course back to Makuhero. After a quick weapon reload,Drake comes back only to find that his crew has been mostly killed,he runs to the escape pods,only to be crushed by the ship's collapsing parts as it crashes into a mountainside. Soon after,Surge grabs his backup legs,which he created a long time ago incase of an emergency like this. He then says"Furno...itss time." Furno nods and fuses with Surge to create ShockFire 2.0. The combined Hero blasts every Xeno-Beast he can find. Breez's head is blasted off by one of the Hunters,and in turn the Hunter is impregnated(due to his INCREDIBLY tough rib cage,it takes a while to burst through). After arriving at the site of the nest,the remaining two hunters and ShockFire face off with the Queen,and after a long fight,and one of the Hunters dying,the Queen is defeated. The Hunter and ShockFire separate and fly off in the pods of the Hunters. With the rest of the crew dead and the Hunter impregnated,all hope seems lost. Inside the storage area,a new breed of Xeno is born...