• 1860 Robot E. Lee, General of the Confederates Plans to Conquer Cyber America.
  • 1861 the War starts, Lexton Stormer Was Recuited to the Army.
  • 1862 Battle of New Steelac Bay, The first Battle of The Ironclads.
  • 1863 Lexton Stormer met William Surge, They fought against the Confederates.
  • 1864 The Confederates Conquered Antropolis.
  • 1865 the final Years of the Civil War, The Battle of Antopolis Started. The Union Defeated the Confederates and thus, Ending the War.

The Story is a Prequel in the Events of Gamma-1 Team Adventures. And also the Second Major War in the History Of Cyber America, the First being Cyber American Revolutionary War. This is my first Trilogy. I'm planning to make another one called "Hero Factory: Robot Wars"

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