Before the Hero Factory was created, there were a International War Called Robot Wars. The War Was Started when The Axis Powers Attacked The Country of Cyber Poland causing a War to start. Axis Powers Conquered many Countries on Earth, Until the strongest nations created an a Defence system known as the Allies Fought against the Axis Powers. Allied Aircraft Carriers, Battleships, Tanks, And Infantry Landed on The Occupied Beach to Free Cyber France From the Axis Occupation, The invasion is successful. On the final Year of the War The Allies Invaded Cyber Austria And Destroyed the Alpine Fortess. After this the Axis Surrendered and Ended the war.


  • The Robot Wars takes years 70 years before the Hero Factory Timeline.
  • Before this War, there was another war That spreaded Worldwide called the Cyber War.
  • The War Devastated many buildings And known as the greatest war in Hero Factory History


  • 1939 The War Breaks out.
  • 1940 Cyber Britain and Cyber Soviet Union are the only ones standing against the Axis Powers in Europe.
  • 1941 Metal Harbor on Hawaii Was attacked by Cyber Japanese Fighters which led the entry into The Robot Wars.
  • 1942 the Cyber Americans Started the War in the Pacific.
  • 1943 The allies Invaded Sicily, Cyber Italy with Battleships and Glider planes.
  • 1944 the Allies Invaded Normandy in order to Liberate France.
  • 1945 The Final days of the War Begins, The Allies destroyed the Alpine Fortress while Metalhower set his course to Berlin which the Axis have surrendered.

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