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HERO FACTORY: THE RETURN OF WITCH DOCTOR is a new hero factory series created by OHMYHECK, in the series, witch doctor returns to quartos to start his old plan all over again-- but this time, he's controling newer creatures, even furno!

season 1
1 witch doctor returns ohmyheck witch doctor returns to quartos and makes a new plan --- by contolling new creatures, including----- furno?
2 too many quaza ohmyheck furno finds more quaza to power up his hero core---but when he picks up too many pieces of quaza, he turns evil!
3 furno can't be stopped ohmyheck the heroes, stormer, rocka, stringer, and nex try to stop furno, but they fail, who will help them?
4 the new hero ohmyheck the heroes meet a new hero-patrick star! can patrick save the heroes?
5 back to normal ohmyheck patrick stops furno by removing the quaza spikes.
6 patrick vs. witch doctor ohmyheck patrick battles witch doctor.

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