Hero Factory: Viper's Tail is a story written by Dragon Knight Silvinity.


Jake Synchron has to give this new hero, Alex Drago, who is begining to doubt himself, a pep talk. He has never been able to leave the training center and go on real missions. So, Jake decides to tell him the story of his life and how he grew to become one of the most famous heroes in the universe.


Jake was waiting outside the training room. He again looked at the clock; it was 5:30 pm. He had waited nearly two hours.

"Man, he really isn't doing too good in there," Jake thought to himself. Finally, the one he was waiting for came out. His name was Alex Drago. Alex nearly jumped two feet when he saw Jake.

"So sorry, Jake Synchron, I didn't mean to get in your way. I'll go tell Stormer you're waiting for him." Jake stopped him from going back in and said,

"No, Alex, I was waiting for you."

"Me?" Now Alex was confused - why would one of the most famous heroes in the universe be waiting for him? As if in answer Jake said,

"I was informed that you are beginning to doubt yourself, so I decided to come here and tell you a story that should help."

"You mean that Sarah decided that you should come here to tell me this?"

Jake sighed. "Yes, I mean that Sarah told me to come here," Jake said. "Anyway, I'm going to tell you my story, because it turns out that I wasn't all that different from you when I started out."

"What! No Way! You were like me?!?"

"Yes, now, let me tell my story."

End of Prolouge.

Chapter One: Jake Synchron

Jake could hardly stand it any more! First his science meeting had gone horribly wrong, and now his sister Susan wouldn't shut up!

"Will you SHUT UPPP!!!" Jake asked his sister.

"Oh, ok, sorry," said Susan. Jake felt guilty. He never liked to hurt his sister, because she felt like his only friend (which indeed she was).

"No, I'm sorry Sue, I didn't mean to shout at you." Then it happened. Without any warning, a truck appeared out of nowhere and ran right into their car. Everything happened so fast, and the next thing Jake knew he was lying on the ground, he could feel that something was bleeding, and he didn't want to find out what.

"Quick, I must activate the cyber link!" he thought to himself. So he did, and the next thing Jake knew, he was in his secret room, in his robot body, and he wept for his sister because he had a link to her life-force but he didn't feel it at all.

End of Chapter One.

Chapter Two: Serependis

Jake tried to organize his thoughts.

"Everything happened so fast," he thought to himself.Yet one image kept appearing in his mind, an image of a snake-like robot flying away. "Who was he?" Jake asked of no one in particular.

Meanwhile, in a dark jungle somewhere, a shadow stirred, and out of it a serpentlike robot emerged and laughed to himself.

"Everything is going too smoothly," he thought to himself. "Oh, well, that just makes it better. Dragonias! Come haul this load of niropoison to Spinderak will you?!"

"Fine." A dragon robot appeared out of the gloom and took the canister that the other robot had stolen from the truck he crashed. "But wouldn't Titanus do better, being a construction drone, Serependis?"

"You're faster."

"Oh well, fine."

"Now MOVE!!!"

"Fine, fine"

As Dragonias left, Serependis turned and continued his thoughts in the shadows.

Jake still couldn't quite figure things out, but after a little research, he at least knew who the snake was.

"So, Serependis, you think you can tear apart my life just to get something you want. Well, I hereby swear that I will stop at nothing to defeat you! But what is it that Serependis stole?" Jake wondered, not knowing what a big impact it would have on his future.

Elswhere still, an energy being watched Jake and thought to himself, "Maybe he's the one? I'll continue to watch him and see."

End of Chapter Two.

Chapter Three: Time's of Essence

  • Flashback to when the crash happened* Stormer wasn't happy.

"Not only did we fail in protecting the nitrpoison, but we had five tragedies. This is not good," he thought to himself. "Zib, this is Alpha Leader Stormer calling in to report that the mission failed. We did not succeed in preventing Serependis from stealing the niropoison."

"This is a problem. Do you know what that substance is capable of?"

"Yes, I know perfectly well what it can do."

"Well, then you know that time is of the essence. Because if Serependis can crack the container code, then... oh I don't want to think about what would happen. So get to work."

"Yes, we will."

Present time. It had been a month since the accident and Jake had grown used to his new life. Making use of a hologram projector incorporated into his robot body, he started to live a normal human life. He went to school, made friends, and all that other human stuff. But at the same time, he always kept an eye out for Serependis. And one day, he struck gold. He was watching the news, (he had a habit of doing this, to watch for anything that might be Serependis) when a breaking report came on.

"Breaking news, we have just received a report that the infamous Serependis has sent one of his goons to attack downtown Neer Far city. All civilians are advised to stay away."

"Well, it sounds like just the place I need to be," Jake said.

Dragonias was having a great time. It seemed that none of the Alpha Team could stop him on his rampage. "Are you even trying?!?" Dragonias asked as he knocked Furno away with a back hand slap. "Because I'm not even really trying." Then suddenly a voice rang out behind him.

"HEY, try me out, will ya?" Dragonias paused and turned, along with all the Alpha Team to behold... a human!

"Get out of here, it's to dangerous for civilians!" Furno called.

"Oh shut up, what do you know?" Jake Synchron responded.

"Now, watch and learn. SYNCHRONIZE, mega cannon!!!" Suddenly his form shimmered and then vanished altogether and in its place was a...robot!?! "Now EAT STEEL DRAGONIAS!!!!" And he fired. The force of the impact and the accuracy of the shot surprised everyone. Dragonias was knocked over by the sheer force, which could even be felt by the other heroes.

"Oof! I'm not sticking around to face you, especially since my work here is done." Dragonias said, "So bye." He spread his huge wings and flew off.

"Thanks for your help. We wouldn't have held out much longer if you didn't show up." Stormer said.

"Save it. I didn't do it for you because you're useless. You owe me for two failures. The one here where I had to save you, and the one where you failed to save my family. So, until you make it up to me, don't thank me." Then Jake left.

"Zib, this is Alpha Leader Stormer, we have a little problem. There's a rogue robot that has a grudge against us, and he's armed."

"Yes, that would be a problem, You should try to suspend him."

"Okay, Stormer out."


"Good job at being a diversion, Dragonias, I was able to get the materials I needed without any detection." Spinderak said.

"Good, because I ran into some trouble during my diversion. Now I'm going to terrorize some isolated village that can't call Hero Factory. Want to come?" Dragonias asked.

"Dragonias, you know I can't turn down an offer that good."

End of Chapter Three.

Chapter Four: A New Twist

The energy being was very intrigued.

"Jake is very unique, he burns with passion and is ready to challenge the universe... and, although he doesn't realize it, he's strong enough to." The being said. "What do you think?" He asked another being who appeared.

"I think he has the potential, but he must learn self-control first."


"You should continue to watch him, just in case."

"I was planning on doing that."


Jake was still hopelessly lost.

"I still don't have any leads. This is getting annoying." Jake said to no one in particular. He was bored of watching the news but he still did it, just in case. "Well, at least school is going well." He thought. And it was, being a robot meant he didn't need sleep. So, when he wasn't hunting Serependis he was either studying or hanging with his new friends. "It's amazing to have friends, especially Sarah." Jake thought fondly. He liked Sarah alot "That is why I do this too, is to protect people like Sarah." Suddently a report came on in the news. "Breaking news! Another of Serependis' henchbots has been spotted in New Neora. Civilians are advised to evacuate the surrounding area immediately." "That sound like a good place to take a break." Jake said.

Scopionan was kinda having fun. He would probably be having more fun if he was smarter.

"Why won't you even try? This is boring." He said to the heroes vigorously attacking him. Then, from out of the blue, a metal spere hit Scopionan and sent him sprawling.

"Still bored?" Jake asked him, "because I'm ready to play." He aimed and fired again, knocking Scopionan down again.

"Oof, I'm outta here. Dragonias told me about you. So I'll see you later." Scopionan said as he dug into the ground and disappeared.

"Great, he got away." Stormer said, "now as for you," he turned to where Jake was to see him way of in the distance.

"Great, he got away too! Zib, this is Alpha Leader Stormer, calling in to say that both Scopionan and the unknown robot fled the sight before we could aprehend them."

"This is getting worse, Stormer, I don't like the way these things are going." Zib said.

"Yes, Stormer out." Stormer said.


"Great job Scopionan. I got the Synchro chips that Serependis wanted." Spinderak said.

"Good, because I ran into that warrior Dragonias talked about." Scopionan said.

"Now you can give those to me!" Serependis said. Spinderak handed them over to him. "Dragonias, Titanus, Strike Blade, Strike Flier. COME HERE!!!" Serependis called. Out of the shadows came four beings.

"Yes?" Dragonias asked.

"Do you see this item here?" Serependis asked.

"Yes." Titanus said.

"It was a retorical question!" Serependis responded. "This, this is the key to Victory!"

Meanwhile still.

The energy being thought to itself. "This is a new twist," It said to itself "I wonder if Jake is ready for this?"

End of Chapter Four.

Chapter Five: The New Hero

Jake was tired. Realy, realy, tired. He had spent the last month constantly battling, both with Serependis' cronies and with Hero Factory.

"I've just about had it with this constant fighting!" Jake thought. But, just then, the news report came in.

"Breaking news! Dragonias has been reported to be attacking Mega Maxium city. Inhabitants are advised to evacuate immediatly."

"That's right here! Man, Serependis has made things easy this time." Jake said.

Dragonias was tired. Realy, realy, tired of these heroes interfering with him.

"Where's your friend, you know, the one that actually does anything?" Dragonias asked. "Because I have a score to settle with him."

"What score? And they're not my friends ether." Jake said from behind Dragonias.

"Ah, THIS SCORE!!!!" And Dragonias turned and whacked Jake into the side of a building.

"Oof, I dont remember you being that strong." Jake said.

"Exactly, I got an upgrade." Dragonias responded. Meanwhile, the Heroes got up and were brushing themselves off. "Now, time for the rest of you." Dragonias said. Then he did something new, he hurled a huge fire ball at the heroes. They all jumped out of the way, except for Breez. Because Dragonias' new power wasn't the fire ball, it was dragon mesmerism.

"Breez, No!" Furno said. But it was too late, the fire ball made impact as a metal sphere made impact with Dragonias' head.

"Ungh, that actualy stung a little." Dragonias said, then fell over. Jake looked around and fixed his eyes on the severly wounded Breez and he wasn't there anymore, he was back at the crash.

"Hmm, this must be the flash image." Jake thought. The flash image is a safety procedure that took a picture of the area around him. But now he focused on one scene in particular, a scene of his dear sister lying there. Then he was back to reality.

Dragonias was getting back up and Jake knew what to do. He jumped over Dragonias and stood in between Dragonias and Breez. Jake let off a rapid volley of blasts at Dragonias, knocking him back. Then he turned and withdrew a small cable from a section in his armor and attached it to Breez's core. Instantly, he felt the brush of her concience against his. And he said,

"Recharge engage." Then he herd the counting in his head,

"Charge level at 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%. Charge reaching critical level." It said. At that Jake withdrew.

"That should keep you running for a while." He said to Breez. "Now you just sit tight and let me handle this." he turned back to Dragonias. "Now to try something new." He thought. Then he looked deep into his core to find the power he needed. He held his hands about six inches apart and suddenly energy was crackling through them. "Now, let's see how you like an energy storm, Dragonias." Jake said. Then suddenly, he flicked his hands and sent the ball of energy rocketing at Dragonias. It made impact and surged through Dragonias, starting to short-circut him.

"I... I.. I'll see you la... la.. later." Dragonias said as he shakely flew off. Jake started to walk away but staggered. He herd the counting again.

"Energy at 20%. Critical and in need of recharge imediatly." It warned.

"Just great." Jake said, right before he collapsed altogether.

Jake opened his eyes. Where was he? He couldn't remember what had happened after he collapsed.

"Wait my core." He thought. He searched for the energy level. "70%, How did it get there?" He thought. Suddenly a door he hadn't noticed opened and Stormer and Zib walked in. Zib was saying,

"Stormer are you sure," then he noticed that Jake was sitting up and watching him, "that this is a good idea? Oh, your awake." He said to Jake. Then Stormer said to Jake,

"We have decided, since you saved us so many times, that we'll give you a choice. Join us or be arested." Jake looked like he was thinking then said.

"Join you or go to prison, hmm, so hard to choose. I guess I'll join."

The energy being was still watching Jake.

"Hmm, a good choice, Jake." He thought. "But you're still not ready." He continued to think.

End of Chapter Five.

Chapter Six: Hero Core

"Okay, first things first, you need a hero core and some other renovations. So, off to the Assembly Tower with you," Zib said to Jake.

"Okay, just one question. Where is it? I mean, it's not like I've lived here or anything," Jake said.

"Oh, right, down the hall and to the left. It's a door with the words "Assembly Tower" in big, bold, flashy letters. You can't miss it."

"Oh, thanks," Jake said. Later, "I missed it!!!!!! How could I miss it?!?! Am I that bad at navigation?!?!" Jake thought to himself.

"Missed what?" Jake whirled around; it was Breez.

"Oh was I thinking out loud again?" Jake asked. He had fallen into the habit of that while he was on his own.

"Well, if you're looking for the Assembly Tower, it's over there," Breez said and pointed, and, sure enough, it was there, big flashy letters and all.

"Oh, thank you," Jake said.

"Oh, before I forget, I wanted to thank you for what you did. You know, back at the fight with Dragonias," Breez said.

"Oh, it was nothing. Now I'd better get going, bye." Jake said, and turned and entered the asembly tower.

"Now, before we start, is there anything you would like us to renovate in particular, Jake?" Zib asked.

"Yeah, in addition to the hero core, can I keep my own core also?" Jake asked in return.

"Probably. Now let's get started, shall we?" Zib said.

It was strange getting remodeled, Jake thought. But it didn't hurt, which Jake figured was good. Later, Zib was thinking things over, when Mr. Makuro appeared, taking Zib by suprise.

"Oh, hello, Mr. Makuro. Is everything okay?" Zib asked.

"I heard that the new hero, Jake Synchron, was renovated today," Mr. Makuro said.

"Well, yes, he was," Zib responded.

"What I wonder is how he, with an average power core, could recharge Breez's quaza core? Food for thought, I suppose," Mr. Makuro said, then he left.

"Hmm, that is an interesting thing," Zib thought.

"Whoa, this stuff is cool!" Jake said as he blasted another target. He was in the training room, trying out his new equipment. "Wait, did I just hit a civilian? No, I'm sure I didn't," Jake said. Just then, a speaker said:

"Mission failed." Then the hologram blinked out.

"Darn, I did," Jake said.

"Well, I never saw anyone fail that quickily." Jake turned around to see Preston Stormer standing there. He had been watching Jake.

"But, I'm sure that with a little training, I could be realy good, right?" Jake asked. Unfortunantly, his blaster was still active and he triggered it right then, sending a metal ball bouncing around the room. Stormer ducked, and it slammed into Jake, sending him crashing into a wall. "Ugh, okay make that a lot of training," Jake said. Stormer laughed, which didn't help what little of Jake's dignity was left. "Yes, yes, very funny," Jake muttered to himself as he got up and brushed himself off.

"You're doing fine, kid, just let me tell you about Furno's rookie days and you'll feel better," Stormer said.

"Hey! No way are you doing that," Furno said as he entered.

"Can I leave now?" Jake asked.

"Sure kid, go on," Stormer told Jake, who was sure to get out of there before he could damage his already shattered dignity, and maybe some parts too.

End of Chapter Six.

Chapter Seven: Rogue Speed

"Jake you have to think about this," Stormer said. They were in the training room, and Jake was working on a mind challenger.

"I'm tired of thinking" Jake said and blasted the thing which demolished the building behind it. "I was supposed to blow it up, right?" Jake asked.

"Mission failed." The all to familiar computer call came.

"No, you weren't supposed to blow it up Jake," Stormer said.

"Man, will I ever pass this training?" Jake asked as his blaster went off again and shot a ball that bounced around and hit Jake in the back, sending him across the room and into the wall next to the door, which opened at that point and Zib walked in.

"Jake, Jake?" Zib called. Stormer guestured behind Zib and he turned to see Jake getting up after blasting himself. "Oh, Jake I have someone I want you to meet, his name is Aaron Nova." Zib said as a golden and white hero walked in.

"Hi!" Jake said and waved with the arm that had the active blaster and fired it again. Stormer ducked, Zib ducked, Aaron ducked, and Jake slammed into the wall, again. "I'm sure now that this thing has a mind of its own," Jake said as he brushed himself off.

"You want me to work with this guy?!?" Aaron asked Zib.

"Yes, now-" but Zib was cut off by the speaker.

"Warning, unidentified robot spotted in downtown Makuhero city," It said.

"Looks like training's over," Stormer said, "This could be a good chance to get used to working together."

Later at the site.

"Where did he go?" Jake asked.

"I obviously don't know," Aaron replied.

"Looking for me?" A strange voice asked. Just then, a bolt of energy rushed at them from the darkness. Aaron dodged and it slammed into Jake.

"Oh, come on! Can't I get a break!?!" Jake asked as he got back up. "That was a powerful blast though," he continued to say. Just then, the figure appeared. He was a black and silver being.

"You got lucky this time, because I have to go. But I will leave you with this, and remember it well, my name is Jason Rouge." Said the being. Then he disappeared.

"Well, that went well." Zib said as he scanned Jake's core. "And you also need a recharge."

"Okay, so let's do it already," Jake said. Jake was in the recharge chamber, then the recharge began.

"Hm, this is interesting, his main core is reachting to the recharge as well." Zib noticed durring the recharge. Just then, a warning flashed on the screan and a speaker said.

"Warning system overload, emergency shutdown engadged."

"I wonder what was in your core that caused that?" Zib asked Jake after the chamber had been fixed.

"No clue, I just found this core with the designs for this body," Jake responded.

"You meen you didn't design your robot body?" (They knew he had been human at this point.)

"No, I just found the designs and built it." Jake answered. "Now, I have training with Aaron, so I have to go. Bye."

End of Chapter Seven.

Chapter Eight: Element Fury

Serependis was in the middle of an ancient jungle. He had been here before, but never could find what he was looking for. "Where is it. Where is IT! It is supposed to be right here!" He said angrily.

"What is it that's supposed to be here for?" Spinderak said from behind him.

"What are you doing here?" Serependis asked without turning around.

"I came to inform you that the virus you wanted has been formed."

"Good, now we need to test it."

"On what?"

"A hero, of course."

"Ah, yes, I'll get on that right away."

"Now you may leave me." Serependis said. Spinderak turned and left, and Serependis continued serching.

Meanwhile, Jake was in the training room with Aaron. They still weren't what you'd call friends, but their encounter with Jason Rouge had convinced them to work together. "I almost had him that time. If it were'n't for this pesky blaster I would have had him!" Jake said.

"You know, I wonder if sometimes you do that on purpose." Aaron said in response. They were talking about the fact that this was the fifth time Jake's blaster had gone off and ruined the simulation of their battle with Jason Rouge.

"Now why would I think that? I wan't to beat him just as much as you do." Jake responded.

"Warning: Rogue robot known as Jason Rouge has ben spotted in Makuhero City." The speaker called out.

"Well, let's see what we can do." Jake said.

"Where'd he go now?" Jake asked. They were at the site, looking for Rouge.

"Looking for me?" A voice called out behind them, An energy wave blasted out at them, knocking them both over. "You should not have come, because this time I can stick around." Jason said as he droped down infront of them. "Let me give you an example of my special power." Jason picked up Aaron by the neck. His eyes flashed bright red and he actualy began to drain Aaron's quaza power.

"Ungh....." Was all Aaron could say.

"You leave him alone!" Jake shouted and charged at Rouge. Rouge dropped Aaron and released a wave of the quaza energy he had stolen from Aaron at Jake. It slammed into Jake; right at his core and... Jake's eyes flashed as he caught himself before he could fall. He charged again and slammed into Jason. Then a huge explosion of energy erupted around them, and when Aaron could see again, they were both gone.

Jake woke up with a pain in his neck. "Where am I?" he asked as he got up and looked around. Then he noticed something stirring and turned to see Jason getting up as well.

"Where am I," Jason said. Then he noticed Jake, "You! What did you do to me? Where did you take us? And where's your friend?"

"Hey, I'm just as confused as you are." Jake responded.

"You, Jake Synchron, are here because we have an important thing to tell you." A strange third voice said, "And you, Jason Rouge, are either here on accident or you are here because you are supposed to help Jake in his quest."

"Wait your name is Jake Synchron? That sounds alot like Jack Freechron (free-kron) a kid in my school?" Jason said.

"You go to school!?! Wait, Jason Rogers, is that you?" Jake said.

"I asume you two know each other, then." The third voice said.

"Yeah, we go to school together. Under our disguise names apparently." Jake said.

"Well, this puts a strange twist on things in our deadly fight, don't it Jack?" Jason said.

"My name's Jake, and I suppose it does." Jake responded.

"I am almost out of time, Jake. I must tell you my message, the time for a galactic hero is almost at hand, you must prepare. I will come with you, my name is Galtor Iscaro Garino Saru, I will take up residence in your hero core."

"Okay, but can I just call you GIGS?" Jake asked.

"Whatever suits you, but you must hurry, for the element fury is almost upon us." GIGS said.

End of Chapter Eight.

Chapter Nine: Double Trouble part 1

"Can't you please make him a Hero?" Jake asked Zib for the fifth time.

"Again, no! You were different because you still haddn't done anything bad yet, but Jason Rouge has." Zib replied.

"Oh, come on! Just give him a chance, Zib?" Jake pleaded.

"Jake's right, you should at least give him a chance, Zib." Mr. Makuro said from behind them.

"Oh, Mr. Makuro, you suprised me. Well, fine I guess we could give him a chance." Zib said.

"YYEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!" Jake shouted and in his excitment, miss-fired his blaster and flew down the hall, right into Aaron.

"GET OFF ME JAKE!!!" Aaron shouted as he pushed Jake off.

"Sorry, hey guess what!" Jake said.

"What?" Aaron asked.

"We have a new team member! Jaso-"

"No, I will NOT work with him, not once, never." Aaron cut Jake off.

"Oh, come on, he can't be that bad. Just give him a chance?" Jake asked.

"Fine. But you be careful." Aaron said.

Later on Jake, Aaron, and their new member Jason were training in the training room and Jason was doing quite well. "Ha, and that's number fifteen down!" Jason said as he blasted another drone down. Aaron just stood there and suddenly knocked down a drone that flew by.

"And that's thirty-two for me." He said. Jake fired his blaster and the ball hit one drone bounced and hit another, and another, and another, until Aaron and Jason lost track.

"Ha! Fifty-seven! I still got it!" Jake said, then his ball ricocheted and hit him in the back, sending him sprawling.

"Ha ha ha ha ha," Jason started laughing and even Aaron cracked a smile.

"I'm one hundred percent certain this thing is TRYING TO KILL ME!!!!" Jake said angrily as he picked himself up off the ground.

"That may be, but it sure is fun to watch." GIGS said.

"Oh, not you too GIGS!" Jake said. Then the warning went off.

"Warning, two of Serependis' henchbots have been spotted in a downtown suberb in Mega Maxium city. Heroes needed immediately." It said.

"Looks like were needed, let's go!" Jake said.

Dragonias and Titanus were waiting. "He should be here in any second. In fact, there he is now." Dragonias said as he pointed to a Hero Pod coming in.

"There are two others with it." Titanus said. Sure enough, there were two other pods with it.

Dragonias dodged Jake's Pod and waited. Jake climbed out and soon after, Aaron and Jason climbed out of theirs. "That...was...AWESOME!!!" Jason said, this was his first time driving a Hero Pod.

"Oh, be quiet, Jason." Aaron said to Jason.

"Okay, you know how strong I am, Dragonias, and my friends are just as strong, so either give up now, or face our power." Jake said.

"I think I'll take option B." Dragonias said and suddently picked up and threw a nearby car.

"Wait, that car looks familiar, of course! It's Sarah's car, oh no." Jake thought as he dodged it and fired some shots at Dragonias. "Jason, I want you to scout and see if you can't find anyone who didn't make it out. Aaron, you keep Titanus busy while I handle Dragonias." Jake ordered.

"Your not going anywhere!" Titanus said as he stepped in front of Jason.

"You should move out of my way, if you know what's good for you." Jason said cooly. Titanus didn't move. Mistake number one. Mistake number two: getting closer to attack. "Big mistake," Jason said and blasted Titanus with an energy wave that knocked him off his feet. Jason jumped over him and continued on his way. He had recognized the car as well and needed to move.

"Time to swap out," Aaron said as he took Jason's place against Titanus.

"You can't do anything to me! I'm to big and strong for you!" Titanus said as he brought a fist down on... empty air? Aaron had used his ability of speed to dodge the fist. Aaron worked fast, cut, dodge, cut, dodge. This went on for a little while.

"You are just making this harder for yourself." Jake said as he blasted at Dragonias again.

"Hey, Titanus, why don't we break out our secret weapon?" Dragonias said.

"We have a secret weapon?" Titanus asked.

"Yes you pea-brain, now get over here!" Dragonias comanded. Titanus came and Dragonias drew out their weapon, a synchro chip. "Ha, ha, ha! Now watch this, you heroes. Synchronize! Chaos fusion!" Dragonias said. Then they began to shimmer, twist, and merge. Then they emerged, now one towering dragon colossus.

"I am Titan Dragonias!" He shouted and whacked Jake and Aaron both into nearby buildings.

"Wow, he's tough." Jake said as he picked himself out of the building. Just then, Jason showed up.

"Jake, everyone I found is now safe and sound!" He shouted. Then joined Jake in the side of the building via the Titan Express. "Who's he?" Jason asked.

"He said his name's Titan Dragonias. He's a fusion of the two." Jake answered. Just then, a familiar voice cried out.

"Help, somebody HELP please!" It called. Jake and Jason looked at each other.

"Sarah!" They said in unison. Then they saw her, hidden in a cleft in one of the smashed buildings, watching with fright. Titan Dragonias saw her too, and started toward her.

"Hey! Bulky! Over here!" Aaron called and dashed out into the behemoth. He was thrown into the ground, but it had stalled Titan Dragonias long enough for Jake to fire off a volley of shots at him. Titan Dragonias just shruged them off, then continued toward Sarah.

End of Chapter Nine.

Chapter 10: Double Trouble part 2

Jake was upset. He had to move fast to stop the behemoth before it reached Sarah. "Come on! there has to be a way! If only I could fly... wait! I can fly!" He thought. Quickly, he turned and fired back into the building.

"You sure this is a good idea?" GIGS asked Jake.

"I have no idea." Jake said. Then the ball came hurtling back and slamed into Jake, sending him flying out across the street that had become their battle zone. Jake slamed into the back wall of the building Sarah was hiding in. "Ow, that hurt," he said as he picked himself out of the wall.

"ROAR!!!!" Titan Dragonias said as he came down on them.

"Roar? Seriously, is that the best you can do? Roar?" Jake asked as he leveled his blaster and fired a voley of shots, which bounced harmlesly off.

"Hmph, you can't hurt me! I'm invincible!" Titan Dragonias said as he brought his giant fist down.

"Watch out, Hero!" Sarah said and tackled Jake, throwing him out of the way.

"Whoa! Be careful Sarah! I don't want you to get hurt." Jake said.

"How, do you know my name?" Sarah asked.

"Because we go to school together. I'm Jack, although my real name is Jake." Jake said.


"Not exactly you see, I was once a human but then I nearly died and only managed to save my life by transfering my consience into this robot body, and eventualy I joined Hero Factory. There will be time for explanations later." Jake said.

"Watch out Jake!" Aaron called. Jake turned to see Titan Dragonias About to slam them again.

"Oh man," Jake said, and moving quickly, he picked up Sarah and dodged the fist. "You need to get to safety now! Jason come help Sarah get out of here!" Jake called. Soon Jason showed up and took over while Jake moved to make a distraction. "Hey! Over here you lumbering giant!" Jake called and fired another voley at Titan Dragonias.

"You insolent pest!" Titan Dragonias shouted as he released a stream of fire from his dragon arm. Jake dodged and taunted.

"Missed me, missed me, you can't hurt me I'm invincible!" He said.

"ROAR!!!" Titan Dragonias said as let loose another blast.

"JAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!" Sarah called and tackled him again.

"Get out of here! It's to dangerous!" Jake said, but it was now to late. He saw Titan Dragonias Lean down and felt Sarah begin to lift off him. "SARAH!" Jake caled and grasped desperatly at her. Titan Dragonias Just picked them both up and threw them both across the street.

"You are doomed!" Titan Dragonias said as he threw them. "Once I get rid of the girl, Jake will lose his will to fight." He thought. Jake hit the ground hard. However, he instantly jumped to his feet despite the pain.

"SARAH! SARAH! WHERE ARE YOU SARAH!!!" Jake called. Then he saw her lying there and ran over to her. "Sarah! Are you okay!?" Jake asked when he reached her.

"Don't worry Jake...I'll be fine." She said, then went limp, for no human can survive that.

"SARAH! No, Sarah." Then Jake rose slowly letting the anger build up inside of him.

"Ha! I have won!" Titan Dragonias called from behind him. There was a wind blowing through the street. GIGS felt the anger building in Jake.

"Don't go there, Jake. It's not the right path." He said.

"I don't care! Sarah's gone and my life is ruined! I will have revenge!" Jake said. When he turned around, he clenched his fists and a strange thing happened, the wind stopped. He took a fighting stance and electricity shot out from every electric apliance and Jake's eyes flashed a bright red. Titan Dragonias was worried, Jake hadn't given up like they thought. Instead, he seemed to have grown stronger in his anger, affecting the very elements themselves. "YOU...HAVE MESSED WITH THE WRONG HERO!!!" Jake shouted and released all the electricity witch he now began to draw from the ground itself. The blast rocked the whole area for a mile around. Titan Dragonias fell, his systems overloaded. The synchro chip's default security program automatically split him back into Dragonias and Titanus, who were both still knocked out. Jake stood over them triumphant with a sneer on his face. Then hes eyes changed back to blue and he dropped his sneer. Then colapsed altogether.

Spinderak had been watching the whole thing. "Ooh, Serependis is not going to like this," He thought as he scuttled away. Spinderak was not happy, he still couldn't find what it was he was looking for.

"You better have good news." He said as Spinderak came up behind.

"Eh, he. Yes and no, do you want the good news or the bad news first?" Spinderak said.

"The good news first, so I can here it before I smash you for bringing me bad news." Serependis replied.

"Well it is almost finished." Spinderak said.

"And the bad news?"

"Both Titanus and Dragonias have fallen. But they brought out Jakes emotions, witch makes him more easy to infect." Spinderak said.

"Your lucky the good news outweighs the bad because I won't smash you today." Serependis said. "Now get back to work on the venom."

"As you wish," Spinderak said.

End of Chapter 10.

Chapter 11: Heart of Darkness

The energy being had watched the battle as well. "Like I said, Jake is powerful, but he needs to learn to control his power and emotions as well." He said.

"Your right, and today was an example of that fact." The other one said as he apeared.

"Yes, do you still think he's the one?" The first one asked.

"I think he has the power but lacks the control." The second one said as he left.

"I agree." The first one said to the silence.

"How's he doing?" Jason asked as he walk up to Aaron.

"Not good, he hasn't left since he went in there." Aaron said.

"Well I'll watch for him a while. You go get some training or something." Jason said.

"Okay." Aaron said as he left.

"Why do I bother?" Jake said to himself.

"Because you're a hero and heroes don't give up." GIGS said.

"But what's the point if you've already lost?" Jake continued to ask.

"Don't say that Jake." GIGS said.

"Just leave me alone." Jake responded.

"Fine." GIGS said. Just then the warning sirens went off.

"Warning! Serependis' henchbots spotted in a neerby system. Heroes requested imedeatly." It said.

Jason was just about to knock on the door when it opened and Jake stood there watching Jason, who had been startled by his sudden apearance. "Oh, hi Jake." Jason said.

"No time, let's go. Where's Aaron?" Jake asked.

"I'm right here." Aaron said as he ran up.

"Okay, let's go"

Spinderak and Scopionan were busy trashing stuff. "Remember, we need to keep this up till those heroes arrive." Spinderak said.

"Yeah, yeah. I know, I know." Scopionan said, then got slammed by a hero pod. "Oof, guess they're here."

"Woo hoo! That was AWESOME!" Jason said as he climbed out.

"You have too much fun Jason." Aaron said as he climbed out of his pod nearby.

"Stop talking and get to work!" Jake said as he fired a shot at Spinderak.

"Well, seems your aim hasn't improved." Spinderak said as he quickly dodged. "Now eat web, Hero!" he said, and released a web net from the blaster on his back.

"Ack! I HATE spider webs!" Jason said as the net caught him.

I'll have to agree with you on that." Aaron said as he was caught next to Jason.

"Scopionan, haul these prisoners somewhere." Spinderak ordered.

"You leave them alone!" Jake shouted as he fired a voley of shots at Scopionan.

"Oof. Ow, ow, ow, ow." Scopionan said as each shot made contact.

"Be careful with your anger Jake." GIGS said.

"I know, I'm working on it." Jake said.

"Those heroes will make a nice energy meal." Spinderak said as he worked his way toward Jason and Aaron.

"You leave them alone!" Jake said and fired a shot at Spinderak.

"This isn't working." Spinderak thought as he dodged the shots made at him. "I have to make him angry." He continued to think. Then he said, "You can't touch me! I know your every move!" Spinderak said. "By the way, you have terible taste in friend, I mean, you think you'd choose friends who'd be smart enough to stay alive, just look at your girlfriend." Spinderak said. Then Jake snapped.

"You just SHUT UP!!!" Jake said as he fired a large voley of blasts.

"Be careful Jake!" GIGS said. But Jake wasn't listening to him.

"Now's my chance!" Spinderak thought. "Bombs away!" He said as he released a sphere from a compartment in his chest.

"Ungh." Jake said as the sphere hit him and shattered instantly. Suddently Jake began to writhe as in pain.

"Yes! It's working!" Spinderak said in triump. There was a ripping noise as Aaron cut his way out of the web net.

"What did you do to him?" Aaron asked.

"It's just a little virus, that's all." Spinderak answered.

"A little virus!?!" Jason said as he cut himself out aswell. Then Jake stood up. "Jake! Are you okay?" Jason asked.

"I'm just fine." Jake said. Then he doubled over, "Get back now!" Jake said, then stood again his eyes glowing red.

"Now Jake! Destroy them!" Spinderak ordered. Jake turned around and faced him.

"Why should I obey you? You're not stronger than me!" Jake said and released cables which grabed Spinderak and Scopionan.

"What are you doing? Put us down now!" Spinderak ordered.

"It's time to eat." Jake said, then he began to drain their energy. He soon put them down, their energy almost completely depleted. His armor then turned a shade of black.

"Jake, are you okay?" Aaron asked.

"The one you call Jake no longer exists. I am Supremacy!"

End of Chapter 11.

Chapter 12: The Niropoison

The energy being wasn't happy. "This is not good." he said as he watched the things unfolding below.

"What isn't?" The other one asked as he walked up.

"Have a look."

Hmm, I agree, this does look grim."

"Should we do anything yet?"

"No, we shouldn't interfere, yet."

"Very well."

"Jake, don't do this." Aaron said.

"I already told you, my name is now Supremacy!" He said as he released an energy wave of shadow. It was like Jason's energy wave, except that as it traveled, it expanded into a wall of shadow. Aaron started running and dodged it, however, Jason didn't quite move fast enough and was caught in the wave which hurled him back.

"Oof, ow, that hurt." Jason said when he landed. Aaron continued running until he became a blur inorder to make a quick strike at Supremacy.

"I don't want to hurt you Jake." Aaron said as he kept running.

"Then don't." Supremacy said as he leveled his blaster with the white blur that was Aaron. He waited a second, then fired and hit Aaron spot on. " I told you already, MY NAME IS SUPREMACY! You are both to weak for me to waste my time draining your energy. Hopefully for you, we'll never meet again." He said, then just simply vanished.

"Come on, let's grab these two and go." Aaron said.

"This is not good, not good at all." Zib said after Jason got out of recharging.

"You're telling me!" Jason said "That energy blast was strong."

"Quite, he was able to hit me with perfect accuracy when I could barely be seen." Aaron replied.

"Yes, the traces of the virus we found in spinderak showed that it had huge amounts of niropoison. Do you know what that is?" Zib asked. Both Aaron and Jason shook there heads. "Let me explain then." Zib said as he brought up a holographic diagram. "Niropoison, as its name suggests, is a special type of poison that attacks all electrical things. It was originaly designed to be a computer virus, which it is, but it also effects biological creatures by targeting their heart, nervous system, and brain it kills most of them in about 10 minutes."

"Wow, this is strong! But how did it work on Jake, he's a robot?" Jason asked.

"Like I said, it was originaly designed to be a computer virus for military use, it would destroy all sense of mercy and would enhance the users strength, speed, sight, ext. It was deemed to dangerous and the project was discontinued." Zib answered.

"How much does it raise their strength by?" Aaron asked.

"That depends, it raises the user's power level by one, to a sertant extent." Zib answered.

"Wait, what's a power level?" Jason asked.

"It's a ranking system based on the average power of a hero." Aaron answered.

"Yes, level one is equal to the power of one hero, two is twice that, so it's two heroes combined power." Zib said.

"Okay, so, level three would be four heroes, right?" Jason asked.

"No, level three would be three times that of level two, so six heroes," Zib answered, "level four is four times that of three, so it would be 24 heroes."

"Oh, okay, now I get it." Jason said.

"Yes, level five has a special name, it's called hyper level, it five times that of four for a total of 120 heroes."

"Wow, this is geting strong fast."

"Yep, then level six is 720, seven is 5,040, eight is 40,320, nine is 362,880, and finaly 10, which is 3,628,800, the ultimate level. You and Aaron are eliets, at about level 1.5ish." Zib said.

"What level is Jake?" Jason asked.

"Jake is unique, on average he has a power level of three, but he's not that coordinated, so he actualy comes out to about four heroes, instead of the full six, but, he has shown to pass that level at times."

"Like when?"

"Once, when he got his first and only recharge in the recharge chamber, he nearly shut down the entire thing. In order to do that, he had to have had a level of 3.9 or more. And you know the second time."

"Yes, when he took down Titan Dragonias." Aaron answered.

"Yep, Titan Dragonias was level four at least, so for Jake to have taken him down that quickly, he had to be at least level five, hyper level."

"So, now Supremacy could be..." Jason said.

"Level four at least, level five at the most." Zib finished.

End of Chapter 12.

Chapter 13: The Past is Present

"What are you doing Jake? Just sitting in self sorrow." GIGS asked.

"Yes, now leave me alone." Jake said.

"Why, can't you do something better?"

"I said leave me alone."


"What to do, what are we going to do?" Aaron asked.

"I don't know, we can't beat him as far as I know." Jason replied.

"Warning, Supremacy spotted near Mega Maxium city." The warning speaker called out.

"Well, let's go." Aaron said.

"What do you want?!?" a savilian asked Supremacy from the ground.

"I want power and I want answers!" Supremacy responded. "Now, do you know anything about Serependis! Where I can find him, who works for him, and other stuff."

"I... I don't know anything, I swear!" the savilian said.

"Fine, your useless to me." Supremacy said as he leveled his blaster.

"Hold it!" Aaron called from off to one side.

"Fine, I'll shoot you instead!" Supremacy said as he turned.

"Not if I beat you to it!" A voice shouted from behind. A volley of energy blasts followed, knocking Aaron and Jason off their feet.

"It's Strike Flier!" Aaron said.

"That's right folks! And here's an encore!" Strike Flier said as he shot another volley.

"Stop playing and get to work!" Strike Blade said as emerged from around a corner.

"Oh, FINE!! Go ahead and ruin my fun."

"We have work to do. So do it."

"Fine." Strike Flier said, then shot at the heroes again. "You know, this is still kinda fun, I guess."

Jake was slightly aware of what was going on, he could hear voices, but not much else. He did occasionaly see a figure or two, one in particular seemed familiar, he was hovering there, shooting at two other people. Then Jake had a flashback to the crash, he saw this flying figure there, again, he was shooting at things. Jake suddently got very angry at him, and Supremacy felt this anger. "Yes, this is good." Supremacy said to himself. He then fired a shadow blast at Strike Flier, knocking him out of the sky.

"Oof, why you little, you're going to pay for that!" Strike Flier said as he leveled his blaster.

"Make me." Supremacy responded and then just stood there. Strike Flier fired, and the blast hit, but Supremacy just caught it, loaded it, and fired it back at Strike Flier, who went flying back into Strike Blade, then into the wall of a building. "Leave now heroes, my fight is not with you." Supremacy said. Then he walked over to where Strike Flier and Strike Blade were, and he attached his dark cables to them and began to drain their energy. "Since you're still here, heroes, you can take these two with you, but be warned, cross my path again and I will crush you." Supremacy said, then he just vanished.

"Great! He got away again!" Aaron said.

"Did you see how he caught that blast though? He's tough, that's for sure." Jason replied.

"Well, let's haul these two off now." Aaron said as he guestured at the two Serependis goons.

"Yeah, might as well."

Serependis was not in a pleasent mood. "Great! Just great! Now all my minions are gone! But, I guess this is where that old saying comes in, 'If you want something done, do it yourself'. So I better get to work and find these items."

"Jake, you shouldn't be this way." GIGS said.

"Why can't you leave me alone?"

"Because, you need me to help you to complete your mission."

"Go away."

"Fine, but I'm here if you need me."


"Fine, Jake."

End of Chapter 13.

Chapter 14: Illusions

The energy being was thinking about everything that was happening. "I was so sure he was the one." He thought to himself. "But if this keeps up, theres no way."

"What's your thoughts on this?" The second one asked as he walked up.

"Not good."

"Yes, this doesn't look good for them."

"Should we interfere now?"

"If you can do it without getting directly involved, but not quite."

"Yes, we should still wait. But not for much longer."

Serependis was still looking for what he sought. "Why can't I find it!?!?!?!?! I've been looking for two years!" He shouted in frustration. Then he saw something, a metalic foot on the ground. "What's this?" He asked himself, "22-4735 Illusion Prototype. So it's a scrapped prototype." He then oppened the sphere at the top of his staff and released a poison-green mist that settled on the robot and was absorbed into it. The robot's eyes flashed green, then settled to a red. "Now, what makes you so special?" Serependis asked. Surprisingly, the robot responded.

"I'm an Illusion bot prototype, I have the ability to generate holographic illusions over myself, enabling me to look like any robot I scan, observe." then his eyes went blank and a scanner light reached out and scanned Serependis, then, after the scan, he shimmered and, starting from the head down, began to look exactly like Serependis.

"Hmm, Interesting, and you can do this to any robot?"

"Yes, but I can only keep it up for a maximum of one hour before I have to recharge. Also, unless I observe my target for a time, I can't act like them, and I am still only solid where the true me is. That's why I was ultimately scrapped when the better models came out."

"Well, I can probably fix that, and what do I call you?"

"My number is 22-4735. Other than that I have no identity."

"Okay, 22-4735, let's get to work then, shall we."

At the prison where Serependis' minions were held. "Well, here goes another night of boring guard duty." said one of the guards there.

"Relax, just do your job, we'll be done in two hours." A second one said, "Besides, it's not that bad, it's a nice quiet night, not much going on."

"Wait, what's that?" the first one said.

"What's what?"

"That, over there, something just moved."

"I don't see any..." Suddently the second guard just went limp.

"Hey, are you okay?" Then the first guard dropped as well.

"This is to easy." A dark figure said as he entered the prison. Inside it was a dark and dreary place, but the figure paid it no mind as he silently ran through the prison halls. As he neared a corner, he heard voices around the bend. What they said didn't realy matter, but he listened anyways.

"Aw man!! I lost again!" One voice said.

"You should learn to read your opponants better." Another said. The figure had heard enough, appearantly, they were playing some kind of a game.

"Must be on break." He muttered to himself, "Time to get to work." He suddently shimmered and soon after it started he looked exactly like the first of the two guards he had taken down outside. He then rounded the corner.

"Hey! What are you doing here? You're supposed to be guarding the main entrance!" The first guard said.

"I got releaved early." The figure said he aslo smiled to add effect.

"Yeah right! No you weren't! You know why? I was supposed to releave you!" The guard responded. Instantly, the smile vanished from the figures face, things were already falling apart.

"You just got yourself into a lot of trouble." The figure said. The illusion vanished from around him, and he jumped the first guard before he realized what had even happened. Soon the struggle was over and 22-4735 sdood among the stunned, fallen guards. "Like I said, to easy." He said as he walked on, "The prison break has begun."

End of Chapter 14.

Chapter 15: The Heart of Supremacy

"Jake Synchron, YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!!" GIGS said to Jake, who was still as miserable as ever.

"Why? You need to leave me alone." Jake said in reply, and he would have turned his back on GIGS if he could, but unfortunantly they were both only thought forms.

"Because you're hearting your friends." GIGS said.

"No I'm not, as far as I can tell Supremacy has only threatened them."

"But how long do you think that will last? Why not strike now before it's to late?"

"Because I don't want to! And I'm not strong enough anymore."

"You know that isn't true, you have more power over him than even he has, you just need to use it."

"Why, what does it matter?"

"Why are you refusing to look after your friends?"

"Because it doesn't matter anymore."

"I can't believe that, Jake." GIGS said, but at that point Jake started to ignore him again.

"Well, this is going well." Aaron thought as he stood in the briefing room.

"Yeah, first Supremacy is still running around, and now this!" Jason said as he walked in, "And what is this, anyways?"

"There has been a prison break in our high security prison, the one so secret, it's not even here." Zib said. "And all of Serependis' minions have escaped."

"Well, that's just great." Jason said.

"We also have a report that two of Serependis' goons have been sighted out in the desert. I wonder what they're doing there. And Supremacy seems to be heading there as well." Zib said.

"Alright, then let's go." Aaron said and ran off along with Jason to the hero pod launching station.

The control tower speaker called out, "Launching in, three, two, one, LAUNCH! LAUNCH!" And two hero pods were sent rocketing towards earth.

"I wonder how Jake is." Jason asked from in his pod.

"I don't know, but we will rescue him, no matter what, this time for sure." Aaron replied.

Dragonias wasn't liking this, "Why do I have to do this? And why with you?" he asked of his partner, a small robot that reminded him alot of the hero Jake Synchron.

"I'm not telling you, just know that Serependis has his reasons. And you think you'd be more greatful to me for breaking you out."

"Hmpf, I'll be greatful to whom I'm greatful, which is myself." Dragonias replied.

"Whatever." The other being replied. Then, without looking up, added, "We have company."

"What? Where?" Dragonias asked.

"Off to your left, you can't see them yet, I only picked them up with my sensers."

Then Dragonias could see two faint specs on the horizon, they were gaining quickly.

"Hero pods, I'd recognize them anywhere." He stated with more than a hint of anoyance.

"Well then, go do something about them, I have other things I must attend to."

"Hmf, whatever." Dragonias said as he flaped his wings and took off.


Well, it goes by too fast, but I like the consept. It is a very nice setting, a little pep talk from a veteran about his back story is vey nice and the lead up to the main antagonist is very nice and Synchron's relationships as a human are more, well, human and relatable. Though dialogue is very important to any story, it seems like that is most the story. Well, I suggest some editimg.

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