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Hugo Hak is the first Hero that learned and uses Kung-Fu. He was the leader of the Murder team, as well as a member of the The H Team. He's the most advanced hero as Akiyama Makuro said when the H Team was made up.


Hugo Hak was always a test for all Hero upgrades, but after 24 tests, it was decided that a special version of a Hero was made for him: the K.F.H. version. Kung Fu Heroes do most missions alone. Hak had much success as a Kung Fu Hero and later worked as the Murder Team's leader for a month, but they broke up for an unknown reason. He was later asked to join the H Team.

H Team

When he was a Kung Fu Hero, the Hero Factory asked him to join the H Team. It is a team with the strongest and most specially-advanced heroes, the H Team was a very succesfull team. It was even more successful than the Alpha Team. 

Hugo Hak received a call to stop a robbery-in-progress at the Maximum Security Vault. There, he encountered Zobort and Gray Lord. He failed to apprehend them, but he was notably the first Hero to fight Zobort and live. Hak didn't know it, but Zobort was furious that he hadn't killed him. Hak was then drafted into the H Team after this encounter. He became the unnoficial leader of the team, due to his experience against Zobort and his knowledge of hand-to-hand combat that the others didn't have. This combat gave him the upper hand against Zobort when the H Team was dispatched out to stop him from robbing the Makuhero Bank. They succeded in stopping him, but he escaped a second time. A few days after, Preston Stormer came to the Assembly Tower severly damaged. Hak was the one to realize that it was Zobort who attacked him. He lead his team to the Shtok District, where they almost apprehended Zobort, but the Villain committed suicide.

Outside The H Team

If Hugo isn't working with The H Team, he's usually busy with training and doing simple missions, but he also likes games such as "Grand Theft Drop Ship".