Crusher Claws, Sharp-Tailed





Icezards are resident wildlife from Rain 33, they are capable of surviving in space, and in extremely cold environments .



The Icezards came from the planet Rain 33, after the destruction of their planet, almost all of the Icezards species died. Few survivors live in the space around the debris of Rain 33. After seeing that the species was living in the open space, researchers captured some, to find how the lifeforms survived in space. The pilot named Dax was sent to carry some Icezards to Makuhero City. During Dax's travel his ship broke down and he and all the Icezards fell onto the cold planet Akull.

A Hero Reborn (exerpt)

After Dax's ship crashed, the Icezards escaped and began to attack the robot worker. After an Icezard hit Dax, more of the Icezards appeared and attacked, Matoro scared them away using his claw.

Later, many Icezards appeared to attack Matoro and Dax while they were crossing a temproary ice bridge. The Icezards begin to cut the bridge with their claws. Matoro shoved Dax across the bridge to the other side and began to freeze the Icezards.The remaining Icezards cut the bridge and Matoro fell. The Icezards walked away thinking they had killed the Toa of Ice.

Later, many Icezards were breaking Dax's ship apart. The Icezards saw Matoro and Dax and they began to throw snow with their tails. After a short fight Matoro defeat the Icezards, the Toa and Dax boarded the ship, but the Icezards had stolen the ship's engine. Matoro followed the Icezards trail to their nest. In the nest Matoro confronted the leader of the Icezards.

Before takeoff, an angry Icezard boarded the ship and tried to kill Matoro by using his claws, but Dax jumped between the two and took the hit. Matoro froze the Icezard and ththrew it off ship, and it crashed into the ground.


After the accident, the population of Icezards thrived and expanded. The Icezards now live on Akull, fairly satisfied with it as their home.

Abilities and Traits

The Icezards live in herds. They are carnivores, but while in space they ate stars. They have crusher claws on their legs to climb and on their arms to hunt. They have a tail with spikes, and they can throw objects with their tails like rocks.


  • Icezard is a wordplay using the terms "Ice" and "Lizard"


  • Legends: A Hero Reborn

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