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Incendium 3
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Incendium is a member of Synastir, and Gary's nemesis.


Incendium was forced into the Humanfication Project by Witch Doctor, who wanted revenge on Crystal and Wasp. He was given a the task of finding Wasp and Gary, and bringing them back to Synastir.

Abilities and Traits

Incendium wishes to accomplish his mission, because he hopes to be turned back to normal, he is afraid that if he fails, then he will be mutated even more, but after his first battle with Gary, he doesn't want to be changed back, he just wants to defeat Gary.


Incendium carried a staff, which was destroyed by Gary and Armando, he also used a fire blaster. He also has a jetpack. After his "upgrade" he carries a Core Charger, which can overcharge a Hero Core, and a Knive.



  • He is named after the Adventure Time episode, and Rec's own love of fire
  • He is the only MOC that Rec will ever make with a red head.
  • He was supposed to have a flamethrower on each arm, but he needed to be able to fly, so he was given a jetpack.
  • He was the only one of Rec's MOCs, aside from Pure White, whose head and hands are the same color, that is not based off of a video game character.