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Fire Villains


Flame Pole Arm, Red Blade



Infernaton is a villain who is after Hero Factory for capturing his father, Fire Lord. He is allied with a criminal named Laserbeak.


Infernaton was born unusally on Auros, to Fire lord and an anonymous Aurosian princess before the destruction of the planet. When Auros' destruction came, his mother died in the ensuing chaos. His father then took him to Tallos 5 to become a mining bot. His father and his father's colleagues (Drilldozer, Jetbug, and Nitroblast) were soon given outlets in their fingers to drain fuel. This angered Infernation, he was stuck mining while his father got unlimited power.

His father was ultimately defeated years later at Tanker Station 22 after the Heroes got their 2.0 upgrades. This caused Infernaton to vow to destroy the Hero Factory.


Infernaton is a tall, heavily armored villain with lava armor, translucent orange armor, with a head like Drilldozer's.


Infernaton is equipped with a long pole arm that resembles one of William Furno's dual fire shooter blades. He also has a long red blade on his right arm.


  • Infernaton is the only other villain with lava armor and translucent orange armor besides Fire Lord and Jetbug.

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