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Location Deep under Makuhero City
Type Correctional facility, containment center
Affiliation Hero Factory (formerly)

"Oh yeah, Infernum? I've been there, it's not so bad. It's just that the whole place stinks like fermented urine."

--Kaixin Utopia

Infernum is a mysterious project that has been known only to Akiyama Makuro. Its production and build-up was started around the time the earthquakes underneath Makuhero City started.

Known Info

What is known about Infernum is that it is a prison compound. 278 villains have been incarcerated in here, and not one has managed to escape. Heroes sometimes take on the role of the prison guards.

The real role of Infernum is a mystery.

The creator of Infernum is a mystery.


Infernum uses the absolute least amount of resources to keep its prisoners alive.

It is equipped with an oxygen recycler, and a hydro-recycler, which broke down many years ago. Instead, ammonia replaces water within the prison compound. This accounts for Kaixin's observation about the prison's smell, as ammonia tends to smell like urine after a while. Infernum also has a biomatter-recycler, and a medical wing. The biomatter-recycler is a misnomer; it also recycles mechanical parts. Very little is known about hte medical wing, but it is presumed it has something to do with medical business. (Obviously...) There are also rumours that Infernum has a special wing, designed for the worst of prisoners. 

Infernum has 50 cells. Nobody knows how 278 prisoners are contained in the prison. But none have escaped, so who's asking?

Infernum also has automated laser pulse rifles at every corner in the prison, set for Core Signature, and DNA. If the Signature or DNA does not match the gun's database, it will fire.

Some 300 ultraviolet-lens cameras have also been installed. Since it's images are all in ultraviolet, it is impossible to fool the camera, even if you turn invisible.

The rest of Infernum's secrets remain hidden. For now...

Staff/Important figures, Prominent villains

Staff/Important Figures The Warden: Little is known about him/her. He/she has been in Infernum since its creation. The Warden goes by many other titles, including "The Architect", and "The Creator".

The heroes: They act as prison guards. Once they enter the prison, they never leave. 30 heroes were assigned prison duty when Infernum first opened. It is rumoured that they may have been driven mad by the the prison. Other Heroes have come and gone, either assigned this duty by Hero Factory, or were made by Infernum itself. Only a single Hero was actually confirmed to have been made by the prison, the famous Caine Tungsten. There are assumed to be others.

Fiends: Mechanical beings, of all sorts, shapes, and sizes, (usually large) with a demonic presence trapped inside them. Fiends serve as Infernum's primary guards after the Heroes were killed or went insane. The Fiends are distinguished by their fully metallic bodies, and yellow eyes. The vast majority of Fiends are male. The Fiends tend to be bloodstained as they often are involved in the biomatter recycling process, as well as the occasional killing. With no way to wash themselves, the bloodstains accumlate, until they are covered with red blotches. All Fiends have control over one aspect of nature. The most commonly seen ones are fire and lightning. 

Hoods: Nothing is known about them, other than the fact they are named after their long, hooded, robes. They are most likely mechanical beings. No one has ever heard them speak.

Prominent Villains

  • Fire Lord: Fire Lord was transferred to Infernum a year after the mass Breakout. He was killed by "Mary".
  • Black Phantom: Black Phantom, when captured, was held in stasis. He proved difficult to deal with, and was moved to Infernum. There have been no troubles concerning him since.
  • Deathstroke: (21bub21's MoC) Deathstroke was one of the first prisoners. He is now getting on in his years.
  • Silverjaw: (21bub21's MoC) Silverjaw was immediately put into Infernum upon capture. 
  • Shadow Titans: (Povak and Aktans's MoCs)
  • Tarix Factory: (Aktans MoCs)

Proposed Storyline (retired)

Begins with the onset of a massive battle, years after the Brain Attack. Strange, but powerful and repeated earthquakes have devastated Makuhero City, and all sorts of upgrades have been invented to combat the new threat of Silverjaw and his criminal empire.

The latest of upgrades includes the Cyber Hero upgrade, a step past the already exceedingly powerful XL upgrade. The Cyber Project, as it was called, had enough funding for only one Cyber Hero, Natalie Breez.

Cyber-Breez would then go on to spearhead Operation Magic Carpet, a huge land assault that would finally topple Silverjaw. Silverjaw had caused four month's worth of damage to the city. He has also drained an entire planet, Bastian, and was considered to have committed genocide.

As powerful as Breez had become, there were drawbacks. She alienated her team members, saying nothing to them, and never following orders from Stormer. (In fact, it was planned for Breez to finally start speaking once she entered Infernum).

Silverjaw was immediately shipped off to Infernum, the most secure correctional facility in the galaxy. Breez, along with Surge, Bulk, and Rocka were all assigned to help guard Silverjaw. The three heroes (Breez is still not saying anything) objected strongly. Everyone had heard of Infernum's terrible repuatation. No one has ever left Infernum, alive or dead. As such, Makuro cut them all a deal. They would be extracted after three months, once prison preperations for Silverjaw would be complete, and additional guards would no longer be needed. With that, Surge, Bulk and Rocka accepted.

The four XL Heroes (Breez still had her Cyber upgrade) entered the shuttle that would ferry them to their doom. All four were then knocked out, and then transported.

Once they four Heroes came to, Breez was the first to sit up, and she barked out a terse command. Astonished at hearing her speak, the other XL heroes clambered to their feet inside a small chamber, made of metal, mostly, but with the odd protrusion of red rock here and there. (It is later revealed that Infernum was created by coating a huge cave system with metal.)

It is then learned that Silverjaw had been carried off and temporarily held in statis. Until Silverjaw was ready to be held in a more conventional cell, the four Heroes could consider themselves off-duty.

And so, the four wandered around the prison complex for a while. The notice the oppressive hush of the prison; none of the prisoners are talking. Perhaps it is because they've all been forced to do hard physical labour. Some are assigned excavation duty; they hollow out new chambers for more cells, etc. Others are operating the recyclers. As such, the entire prison is self-sufficient. The inmates do all of the work required to run the prison, while the Fiends, and if necessary, the Hoods, enforce order. All the prisoners are allowed to roam around the prison before curfew. After all, what hope of escape is there?

The Heroes, except Breez, are appalled at the situation in Infernum. It's rather dark, and hot. Very hot. The only source of light seem to be white firefly-like orbs of light, but as Bulk nears one, it winks out. The metallic floors are also stained with old oil patches, and even some blood. Gouges and scratch marks score any free surface, clear evidence of struggles and fights.

They even see Fire Lord, swinging away with a pickaxe. He looks up at them, but his eyes are dark and dull. He does not seem to recognize the heroes. Breez tells her companions to pay him no attention. 

The Heroes then notice two hulking mechanical figures. At first, they were mistaken to be other XL Heroes. Breez, in a rather condescening manner, corrected her male team members, explaining what they were. The two hulking robots, which were slighty rusted and which sported numerous blood stains, were Fiends. Robotic being containing trapped spirits. Half disgusted and fully incredulous, Rocka demands to know the truth. He thinks Breez is joking.

She is not.

The two Fiends were standing next to each other, huge arms folded. Before them, two other inmates the Heroes did not recognize, one of them a lean blue-and-green figure, and the other was something resembling a Fire Villain. They were fighting, and it was clear the Fiends had forced them to, and were betting on the outcome.

The lean figure won. It was a close battle, but Surge noticed the victor's technique was impeccable. Breez commented that there could have been a bit more action involved in the fight. 

The two Fiends then walked away from the scene, roughly shouldering past Surge and Bulk, but almost purposely avoiding Breez. Very strange.

Before htey knew it, the green figure ahd introduced himself as Shadowstroke, space pirate and master thief extraordinaire. He told them an account of how he, single-handedly, robbed an entire bank all on his lonesome in broad daylight. He then tells them all that he's been in here for the longest time, just three years after it opened, when there were still Heroes around.

Shadowstroke seemed friendly enough. So, Breez, told her companions to wander off with him, while she tended to her own affairs. Bulk, Surge, and Rocka were only too happy to comply. Breez gave them all the chills.

Shadowstroke then decided to introduce them to a friend of his. It turns out to be a Hero. The XLs laugh a bit, seeing the irony of the situation. It takes the most fomidable of prisons to form a friendship between Villain and Hero.

The Hero introduces himself as Tungsten, Caine Tungsten. He is the same Caine who would go on to be a legend within Hero Factory.

However, the light mood does not last. Rocka passes a comment about the fight, and the appalling conditions they saw. Even Shadowstroke becomes a little somber. Despite his bubbly outward appearance, it is clear that Infernum has taken it's toll on him. He's lucky not to have been driven mad. Shadowstroke simply says to go with it. Don't argue with the Fiends, he says.

Caine is then asked why there are no other Heroes.

He shuffles a bit.

He says that they are all dead.


It has been an hour and a half since the Heroes' entry into Infernum. 

Breez returns, and beckons her fellow Alphas to come. She bars Shadowstroke, who just shrugs. Breez, after a bit of hesitation, then allows Caine to follow. 

The little group meander right and left, left and right, until even Caine has no idea where they are. It is only Breez leading the way. Caine is perplexed by this. He though he had already ventured to all wings of Infernum. 

However, any of these stray thoughts are soon banished, when a chained Silverjaw looms before them. Surge breathes outwards in shock. 

Silverjaw is wrapped in fiery chains, and he can barely even stand. From his back, a myriad of tubes run from him, and snake away into the shadows behind him. All around him lie pieces of discarded armor and scraps of metal.

Breez explains that it was decided to harness Silverjaw's immense power. She then explains, in a monotone fashion it must be said, that Silverjaw will slowly shrink as his power is drained, until we see his true form, the tiny little mining drone he is.

With that, she turns and leaves the Heroes once again.

Bulk, aghast at the treatment of this Villain, summons up his courage and address Silverjaw. He asks if he's alright.

Silverjaw, surprisingly responds. He says no, but he didn't expect anything less.

Silverjaw then shudders as his entire shoulder plate comes crashing down. Rocka and Caine have to skip smartly back to avoid being crushed.

Suddenly, Shadowstroke pipes up, startling the group.

Surge asks how he got here. Shadowstroke just smiles knowingly. He says to them that, over the years, there has been a rumour passed down by the inmates that there is a secret way out of Infernum. Nobody knows what it is, or where it is, but it is there, for sure.

The Heroes are very skeptical. After all, it seems too much to be a coincidence that they would be hearing this right when they just entered the prison.

Shadowstroke continues to smile. He then produces two tiny fragments. A tiny white piece of metal, and a chip of blue rock. At that, Caine leans forward.

Caine then explains that, just perhaps, this could be a sign of a new wing in Infernum. He says that it may not necessairily be an escape, but it may be a better place that this. Yet, the Heroes refuse to believe. It is just simply too well-timed.

A harsh klaxon then interrupts the tense meeting. Caine says that horn is the curfew warning. All personnel, inmates or guards, must be in their correct places, at once.

Bulk asks where do they go. Caine shakes his head apologetically. He replies that there are no longer any spare quarters for Heroes, so they will ahev to take a spare cell.

Shadowstroke consoles the Heroes, and reveals that there are a couple of empty cells near to his.

Appearances, Trivia

  • Fallen Angel Trilogy (appears in Imprisonment With a Fiend, mentioned in Consorting With a Fiend and Reconciliation With a Fiend.)
  • Dreadnaught Trilogy (briefly mentioned)
  • Madness Series

  • The universe of Infernum, which Bub considers the most interesting of all his projects, will be featured in his future blog posts, and will be tied into his primary MOC project, the Tau-4.
  • This is the universe that most of Bub's monthly story in his blogs will feature.
  • Infernum is Latin for "infernal"


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