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Iron Kriko



Lava blaster, Lightning Sniper, Electrical Cannon, Shield, Magma Claw, Horn (Connected to cannon, Formerly), Magnus Hook



"You think I am a midget, wait till you see XL!""
―Iron Kriko equipping into his XL suit


Early History

Iron Kriko was a salesman, but, when the market went down, he turned to a life of crime in order to survive. Taunted, Iron Kriko was always considered a low criminal until he worked on his XL suit.

T System

He used his adaptions to get in Hero Factory. However, Cuffy Probe luckily captured him before he could do any damage. Furno then locked him in his cell. 


He also escaped Villain Storage during the Breakout. After he defeated a hero named Shine, he teamed up with Core Hunter, XT4, and Thornraxx.

Abilities and Traits

Iron Kriko uses his sniping skills to destroy his enemies. He weilds a shield that blasts fire and has steaming blades. The other arm is equipped for flight in the sky. It also has an electrical system and contains plasma. Iron Kriko has a red eye and blue eye, and fires laser beams from each. He is heavily armored, and likes using explosives and electricity.


Instead of being short, he is huge with a much larger version of his previous weapons and has a glowing core.

His core can do tremendous damage if extracted. He now has a lower jaw and is faster than he ever was before. His feet are clawed and wields gigantic weapons. He no longer can use fire or lightning but now black wholes and shadow.


Kriko XL!


Strength: 3
Agility: 8
Toughness: 9
Mind: 10


Strength: 23
Agility: 24
Toughness: 25
Mind: 24




  • He is quite short
  • His armor is not actually made of iron: instead stainless steal was used to prevent rusting
  • He has a resistance to fire, but not to lightning
  • He sees everything in purple
  • A close ally
  • A business partner
  • back angle
  • His was master
  • Thanksgiving Kriko!
  • Christmas Kriko!