Halloween Pumpkin Themed Villain

Millennial, Pumpkin Patch


Hook, Claw, Flame



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Though its origins are unknown, Jack-O claims to be the king of the pumpkins and can control them and make them explode. Jack-O can manipulate flame through his weapons. At some point, he joined the Millennials. Commonly seeks for lare pumkins in patches and is perticularly dangerous in Halloween. There, he causes as much damage as a tornado, ripping houses to shreds and throwing pumkins like grenades very fast.

Millennial Shadow

It is unknown why, but Jack-O joined the Millennial Shadow. He wrecks havoc with an army to help, him towering over others in the back of the crowds.


He escaped the prison with many other villains escaping along with him. Jack-O escaped to his home. Jack-O re lit some of the dim candles to keep the pumpkins alive once again. When a hero came to capture Jack-O in a rocket it fell through the ground due to the weak surface of the planet.

Brain Attack

He was one of the corrupted villains in the Brain Attack event.

Invasion From Below

Jack-O snuck down into the Kaiju's tunnel were the Alpha Team was. Jack-O traveled steadily through the crystals and acidic lake without spotting a single Kaiju. Eventually he spotted the Queen Beast fighting the heroes. After he saw the entire ordeal go down he planted seeds in the ground. His he's were that the acids, crystal energy and magnetism would mutate the special kind of pumpkin seeds that adapt to elements creating extra powerful pumpkins. Unfortunately a Flyer Beast came from the acidic pool un phased and sniffed around. Jack-O had to be stealthy in order to survive this. The Flyer Beast just went through the hole into the surface without noticing him. So to this date Jack-O is planting mutational pumpkins under ground.



  • He is one of the most slender titans on the wiki.