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Jack Twoface

Hero Factory


Fire and Ice Blaster




Makuhero City

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Jack Twoface is a Hero known for both his stealth and his agility. His last name, Twoface, is literal. One is for use in battle, one is for everyday usage (including social interaction). These two faces are merely helmets that can be changed into one another according to the user's will.


Jack Twoface carries one pincer weapon on his right arm, along with a dual-mode fire/ice blaster on his left. He has also been known to carry a dagger.


Jack Twoface is famous for taking down one of the most powerful Fire Villains, Scar.


  • Hero Factory pose(On stand)
  • Firing Fire Blaster(On stand)
  • Dodging stab from Scar
  • Kicking Scar
  • Stripping Scar of his Weapons
  • Cuffing Scar
  • Leading Scar to The Hero Factory Assembly Tower to be questioned
  • Grabbing Scar's neck(On stand)
  • Kicking Scar in the face while back-flipping(On stand)
  • Waving/Welcoming
  • Jack
  • Fire and Ice Blaster
  • Claw weapon
  • Jack Twoface XL Hero Factory pose (On stand)
  • Jack Twoface XL (On stand)