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Jake Echoes
Jake Echoes

Hero Factory


Echo Slicers



Jake Echoes is a young rookie Hero that helped his team fight against the horrible Feral Tribe. 


Like all heroes, Jake started as a rookie, practicing and training for many mission courses. After encountering "Dragon-Breath", he promised to bring the vile monster to justice. With a bit of effort, he managed to do so.

Later, he was changed into an animal-like hero and proceeded to help the Alpha Team in their battle against the Feral Tribe. Hero Factory managed to rectify this only after the Breakout, by which time he was equipped for the Brain Attack.

Abilities and Traits

He is considered quite strange by other heroes, as his actions are quite random in nature, rather than merely creative. He wishes to become a famous dancing warrior, like his idol, Jimi Stringer. Because of this, he enjoys making sonic-based weaponry.


Jake was equipped with Echo Slicers and an Echo-Phone Helmet in 2.0 form.


His "mutant" form was a creature resembling both a lizard and a monkey, although he was equipped with a Speaker Chest Boomer, Grapple Tail and Sound Blaster.