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James Solace






James Solace, also known as Nova Six, is a rogue member of the Artax-1 team. He is wanted by hero factory for the assassination of Arton, and is currently on the run for going AWOL during an assassination.


Early life

James Solace was created in the assembly tower by H.F.I.A, hero factory's top secret intelligence division. Unlike most hero's, he was given an experimental hero core, one that would allow him to recharge from the suns natural energy and make it unnecessary for him to return to the factory for recharging, allowing for him to go into long recon missions without returning to the Factory..

After his creation, he was taken to the H.I.D's secure facility and was given his experimental ER-17, E.B.P and Protosteel Rapier and assigned to Artax-1 as their scout and long range expert.



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