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Jaryl Shard

Hero Factory


Prototype Surf-Striker,Insanity



Jaryl Shard is a rather 'eccentric' hero as well as the twin brother of Demai Digital.


Jaryl was created in the same accident as his twin sister Demai .However during their creation Jaryl was the weaker half,and therefore had to cling to Demai to live.During this time nobody knew he existed,except for the frequently heard voice inside Demai's head that would ramble constantly whenever it spoke,which was often dismissed by scientists and officials. Jaryl clung to his sister for a while,in-taking the required things himself and his sister needed to live and grow in power,constantly causing the latter pain.

However during a mission Demai and his own life was put on the line,causing Jaryl to make an early appearance.He faced the threat to his sister and himself,a Teleik spider,the creation of a madman. During the fight the spider gained the upper hand and prepared to close it's jaw around him.Thinking fast he used all his strength to push them away,however he may have been too strong,as he pushed the jaw back so far,it touched the venomous glands of the spider,causing the jaws to abruptly slam shut.

This caused an explosion of light and Jaryl came out of the fray,encased in a crystal cocoon.Abruptly shattering a physically and mentally twisted Jaryl escaped his imprisonment. Suddenly discovering his newfound strength and power he fought back the beast,and in mere seconds defeated it. Taking it's jaws as trophies after ripping them out, Jaryl returned to the hero factory for testing.

Abilities and Traits


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