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Jason Asher

Hero Factory


Plasma Blaster, Shield with blade



"Kinda' late to th' party, aren't I?"
―Jason Asher to Frank Wolker and Daniel Taa

Jason Asher is a Hero with Lightning Powers.


Jason was created by Hero Factory to see if a Hero could use Plasma powers. After confirming Jason was a success, Hero Factory teamed up Jason with Frank Wolker and Daniel Taa. He has worked with them since.

Abilities and Personality

Jason is the most agile of the group, despite Daniel Taa's ability to transform into a Pyro Cat-like creature. He can be silly sometimes, though he knows when to be serious.


Jason caries a Plasma shooter with a small canister on top that pumps a mixture of chemicals into each blast to make them more powerful. He carries a backpack full of this mixture to refill the small canister. Jason also carries a shield that can create an absorb-able plasma blade much like Preston Stormer's Ice Tool can.