Jason Vul Cano was a 3.0 hero who crashed on Quatros on an assignment there. He is also known as the "Archer of Fire". 


Cano was created in the Assembly Line as a 3.0 hero, the first one created. He mainly patrolled as a security guard. He was built to resist much damage. He was given top-class attack systems, also. He trained at Hero Factory for many years. His original team was Omega 5, nicknamed The Archers.

Crashed on Quatros

Jason was assigned by Zib to patrol an area on Quatros. His mission partner was Duke Rockclaw. He crash landed after a astreoid hit his Herocraft.He traveled across the planet and discovered abandoned forts around mines. The first fort he discovered was Fort Lightningrod. He was attacked by the Venokaras, a race of snake-like creatures.He found Gary Stoneclaw and Alex Missleking. Together they teamed up to attack the Venokaras. They defeated their queen, Veno,and their king, Kara. Alpha Team completed their mission and flew over Fort Lightningrod and saw them and picked them up and took them back to Hero Factory.


Cano, Rockclaw, Stoneclaw, and Missleking are active in coping with the breakout, but only Cano had time to be upgraded, even then he only had new armor strapped to him, but no new weapons. He is currently defending Hero Factory with his new team, which was dubbed Veno Team by Hero Factory.

Abilities and Traits

He is equipped with red, gold, black, and orange armor. His 3.0 form had his current hawk mask.


His 3.0 form had a bearclaw and a Flame Bow. His upgrade has a Hex Shield on his forearm.He has a fuel tank on his back with a pump connecting it to his Flame Bow. He also has reinforced steel under his chest plating.