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5.0 Form
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Affiliation Hero Factory
Colors Gold, Blue
Team FoxTron7 Team
Location Makuhero City
Status Deceased
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"The Final.... I should of helped, but instead I caused it..."
―Jason's final Words.

Jason Happy is a Hero Recon Member of FoxTron 7 team.



Like all heroes, Jason was created in the assembly tower in Makuhero City

Acceptance into Recon Team

Jason was a rookie, and he went on a mission with his team leader, Adda Banks . The mission went haywire and cost some of the heroes' lives. Jason managed to get the rest of his teamates to safety. Because of his actions, Jason was asked to join the Hero Recon Team, which he accepted.


Jason is short-tempered and quick to act. He is smart and fast, and helps everyone on his team.

New Upgrade

Jason recently has upgraded to 5.0. His powers are incredible. 


"Playtime's over, son!"


  • Jason's colors were picked by NgoRock's father.


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