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Jason Lance
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Hero Factory (Hero Squad)


iron saber, hawk blade, super-charged weapon





"Well he always did love heavy artillery"
―Steven Saber describing Lance's breakout gear

Jason Lance is a novice hero on the Hero Squad. He has taken on more missions than all of his friends and has proven he is the strongest on the squad.


Lance was created with a special type of hero core, one that could handle mass amounts of energy if overcharged. Jason was put into training where he learned all the basics. He thought he could learn much more so he left to seek knowledge from the best heroes. Soon he was left with nothing and had no choice but to stay at the factory. Lance was luckily recognized by one of the scientists one day and was admitted into the Hero Squad. When he joined the squad, he was mentored by Steven Saber, and went through extensive training. Soon he was a successful hero, rising to be one of the best on the squad.


Lance was equipped and sent out during the breakout, but only a handful of others knew where. He was apparently specifically assigned on a secret mission, but that may not be the case (more on his status coming soon).

Brain Attack

After undergoing special training, and even some downtime away from Hero Factory, Lance returned to help operate the Assembly Tower during it's partial reconstruction. When the brains arrived, Lance was without much of a job, but took the liberty of guarding the interior of the factory in the meantime. Accompanying a few other heroes and workers, they all formed the dubbed "Inner-Factory Defense" which was later used as an inside joke every once in a while.

Abilities and Traits

Lance has always been a hotshot, but knows when someone's fed up with him. He is usually caught rallying together with friends and playing games. He is like the social extrovert with tons of friends and a wild imagination.


Jason originally used a spike gun as a training rookie, but got to use an iron saber when he joined the squad. As he grew, he gained an add on known as a hawk blade, which allowed him to fly or enhance his saber. During the breakout he was wquipped with a super charged weapon that linked directly to his core. The weapon could handle a core charge, and worked perfectly with Lance's special core.


Maximum value is 25

Strength: 20
Agility: 20
Toughness: 20
Mind: 20



  • Lance goes all out on missions he sees potential in
  • His form was much simpler and exposed for the Breakout because of his giant weapon
  • Follow up to the last point, he loves weapons