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"You should move out of my way, if you know what's good for you."
―Jason Rouge
Jason Rouge

Hero Factory


Energy Sword



Jason Rouge is a former human and now a hero of Hero Factory.


Jason Rouge wasn't always a hero. He, like Jake Synchron, was a human and like Jake went rogue when he became a robot. He became a robot when he was five years old and contracted a serious infection that nearly killed him. He became a darker rougebot than Jake did, frequently getting into trouble. Later on, he faced Jake and Aaron Nova when Scopionan, Dragonias, and Strike Flier all attacked at once. They eventually had to work together to beat them all. Then Jason decided that it was easier to work with others and decided to join Jake's team.

Abilities and Traits

Rouge has a highly efficient core that generates energy that can be transferred to his sword to boost its power. He can also absorb the energy of others.


Rouge wields only an energy sword, but he can use it very well in combat.