Jason Stealth
Jason Stealth Fist

Hero Factory (formerly) Von Nebula


Needle gun, claw




Makuhero City

Jason Stealth "Fist" is a former Hero from the Hero Factory. He was once good friends with Mike Hunter and Ethan Firebrand, but later betrayed his allies and sided with Von Nebula.


Jason Stealth was created in the Assembly Tower of the Hero Factory. He was sent on his first mission with Preston Stormer and Dunkan Bulk to stop Jetbug from blowing up a park somewhere in Makuhero City. He was given a try to fight him by himself, to be proven that he had a very strong fist, and he supposedly proved this to be true.

A few days after Jetbug's defeat, he was partnered with William Furno to evacuate people from a burning building, but after learning his strength entirely, he became insane and instead of helping people out, he beat them. Furno reacted to this and told the Hero Factory immediately. This resulted to Jason being fired and left on the streets of Makuhero City.

To seek revenge on them, he broke into the Hero Factory and stole the Black Hole Orb Staff to later free Von Nebula. Stealth is currently wanted by the Hero Factory for his theft, and is currently siding with Von Nebula in an unknown location of Makuhero City.


  • After showing his strength in combat, he got the nickname "Fist".
  • He's Pokermask's first Hero Factory fan-character.