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Strength: 12
Agility: 19
Toughness: 14
Mind: 8

Jawblade is a shark-like beast that lives on both land and in water. Many clones of the original Jawblade being have been produced over many years.


They can be found throughout the Hero Factory Universe and are extremely dangerous and dastardly. They are found on Syclla. They are also able to move on land, while in the water, they are extremely agile.


During the Breakout, Jawblade fled back to Scylla. While there, he encountered Furno, who had been sent to recapture him.


Jawblade-as he appears in the online Hero Factory Game, Breakout.

While they battled, he found some Oxidion, a substance that works by oxidizing what it is used on. Jawblade then used it on the hero, causing his armor to rust for the time being, until Furno figured out how to get himself moving again.

After that, Jawblade was cuffed in an odd way, as the cuffs attached to his left hand and tail as opposed to his other hand. He was then taken back to prison.

The Vengeance Attack

In The Vengeance Attack, well-known War Hero Lanford Puck attempted to battle a Jawblade - but was shredded apart by the fearsome beast, unknown to anyone.

Abilities and Traits

Jawblade has the ability to stand on dry land, or swim underwater, as stated before. He relies on his sharp teeth and wide bite to battle enemies when his weapons aren't enough.


He carries twin flame blasters that heat up even when submerged in water. He used them against Furno during the Breakout. They are an upgrade copy to that of Furno's original weapons. (the irony)

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