Jeremy Hull






Jeremy Hull was an elite, specialized Hero, ready for any kind of mission. He was created in the Assembly Tower


Jeremy Hull is a heavily armored Hero with a knack for destroying his targets with his comical personality.


Hull was pronounced dead at 5:25 on November 2nd, 2011. He died of a Plasma Bow incident. Hull was replaced by his daughter Alexandra Hull.

Later Years

Hull is now retired and resides in his Beachside mansion in Makuhero city. He is on call for the rest of his life though, just in case villains attack again.

Abilities and Traits

Hull is known to be a comical, always focused Hero with some hurtful comments...and firepower. Trained by Nathan Evo (KD), Hull meditates and knows when to talk or to fight. His leader, Edward Gunner says he scares away villains with his talking ability. Hull is a former Recon Agent. Along with a sober Fire Lord, his team leader was able to defeat Johnny Bomber. He got his 3.0 upgrade October 15, 2011. He has a daughter named Alexandra.


In his 2.0 form, Hull's weapon is a Triple barreled shotgun with two handles and a detachable cylindrical magazine. In his 3.0 form, Hull's weapon is a Plasma Bow, exactly like the one William Furno used.


In his 2.0 form, Hull has heavy blue and silverish/greyish armor with a purple head and core. He has the famous black and silver Recon chestplate. In his 3.0 form, Hull still has heavy armor, except for his new Savage Planet armor peice. He has no animal power, but he still has his Recon chestplate.

Jeremy and his Tri-Shotgun


  • Hull was part of Edward Gunner's elite team.
  • Hull is one of the only Heroes to deny the 3.0 upgrade.

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