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This article was written by Bloszar. Please do not add to this fiction without the writer's permission.

Jerry Storm
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Jerry Storm
3.0 form
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Jerry Storm is a rookie hero in Hero Factory and member of Beeta 4.


Jerry Storm was created as a hero in the Hero Factory, and he was built with the new 2.0 system.


Later, Jerry was send to Quatros, when Hero Factory received a distress call from Aldos Fusarg. There were corrupted creatures, even Witch Doctor was in prison. In Quatros, Jerry Strom started to battle against Scream Scorpion.

After he lost, Anthony Freeze, leader of Beeta 4, came to rescue him and the two went to assembly tower, where Jerry get 3.0 upgrade.

Abilities and Traits

Jerry is good fighter, because he is powerful and very fast. He also has awesome skills.


Jerry Storm wields a Multi-Tool Ice Shield and Blade as his primary weapons.

After he got the 3.0 upgrade, he changed his weapon to a claw.


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