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This article, Jetbug, is about a canonical character, object, creature, or location. The correct information is boosted with fanon information. Therefore, this article cannot be used for reference.
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Jetbug is a Fire Villain that works for the evil Fire Lord. He weilds two blades in flight.


Jetbug almost ruined the Reputation of his people, but was stopped by Kexobug of the Makuhero City Police Department, who earned it back. Jetbug was a member of a fueling plant with mining robots - and his original name was "Bugbot". During an attack from a machine similar to StalkDrill, him, Drillhead (Drilldozer), Bomb-Blast (Nitroblast) and Inferno Miner (Fire Lord) were all severely injured. They were repaired on the spot during the very battle itself, yet their new forms weren't in the most heroic circumstances. Immediatly, they began escaping the plant, and made it out alive. However, they were all rusted by the raging fires, and their new forms made them look extremely evil. Therefore, they created new names for themselves and organized the Fire Villains gang. The three smaller villains swore their allegiance to the Fire Lord, whom was now in command. The group than set off to accomplish terrifying deeds.

Jetbug later appeared on Tanker Station 22 with his three allies, and was successful in stealing a lot of Hero-Pod fuel. However, they were bombarded by Stormer, Furno, Breez and Surge - yet easily defeated them. Surge was taken captive.

Later, the heroes returned with Evo and Nex- and they were upgraded. Jetbug stayed elevated off the ground, too swift for the Heroes to catch him. He flew a small ship that held Surge captive around the entire station several times.

Ultra Pistol 002

Kexobug, one of Jetbug's many enemies.

After Drilldozer and Nitroblast were hero-cuffed, the Fire Lord retreated into a fuel-tank storing shed. There, he began to harvest energy from the pods. As he launched energy everywhere - a disoriented ship crashed through the shed and crashed into the Fire Lord, severing his hand. Jetbug had been knocked out cold, and meanwhile, the Heroes greeted Surge, who had taken control of the ship. The Heroes than cuffed Jetbug and the Fire Lord, and alongside Drilldozer and Nitroblast, were taken to the Hero Factory Prison Center.

However, it soon occurred that the Black Phantom made a surprise attack on the prison center, releasing all of the Villains from their cells. Jetbug immediately met up with the Fire Lord, and a vortex-like portal formed and the Villains began to jump/fly through it. Jetbug and Fire Lord were among all of those who did so.

Soon enough, Jetbug ended up in Makuhero City with all the other Villains. Currently, in The Vengeance Attack, they are bringing out a reign of terror.


  • This is the first wasp character. The reason why this is trivial instead of ignored is because of the fact of the yellow villain's history of ripping off some trait of another yellow villain. Waspix did this to this bug.

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